The Separation Protocol: What I Told the Church I Serve

This is for my United Methodist Friends, and for those who long to see God’s Kingdom in our culture. I admit at first I was hurt, and opposed to this idea of those who have faithfully kept their ordination vows may be asked to leave. Thanks to the Holy Spirit, and the wisdom of Chris, I am seeing the wisdom of God in all of this. Pray for my Tribe, the congregations and communities I serve; oh, and throw up a few prayers for me. I need discernment and clarity.

People Need Jesus

by Chris Ritter

I thought I would share what I wrote to the congregation I am appointed to serve this past Friday night amidst the news of the separation protocol.

Dear Church Family,

Grace and peace to you in the strong name of Jesus.

Our denomination is certainly in the news today. Here are examples:
Christianity Today Magazine Coverage
Wall Street Journal Coverage
New York Times Coverage
Washington Post Coverage
Quad Cities Dispatch and Chicago Tribune Coverage with quote from me.

I thought it might be helpful to offer some information, clarification, and context about what is happening and what it might mean for us.

A plan for the separation of The United Methodist Church was announced today through the Council of Bishops website. The proposal was the result of months of negotiation with key bishops and leaders of caucus groups. The process was aided by Kenneth Feinberg, a…

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