The Blue Line!

What prompted these thoughts is this news.

Two more police officers have been shot, this time it was in my former hometown, Sheffield, Alabama. Every time I see or hear of an officer, deputy, or agent being shot, my heart aches and breaks. I hurt for them and for their families, their departments, their friends, and all those who wear The Badge. The suspect had already shot and killed one person earlier that afternoon. And here’s the thing that sticks in my crawl: He was arrested in 2011 for killing his father over an owed debt in Tuscumbia. He was released from prison in May 2016, according to police. He had already been convicted of killing his own father, and a plea deal ended in his conviction of manslaughter. And it gets worse: he served only 3 years of a 10 year sentence.

You see, I am a very proud Dad of a Deputy Sherriff, my son Matthew. And I understand, better than most, that this incident could have involved him. Matthew is also a 22 year plus veteran. I worried about him when he was deployed in Bosnia, Africa, and multiple times in the Middle East. But I also knew that in those hell-holes when someone pulled a weapon on him, it would be the last time they pulled a weapon on anyone. But now my concern for him is even more. He’s had a drunk pull a gun on him in recent months. And because of all the hype and BS about law enforcement, he has to think twice about how to respond. That second thought has cost the life of many law enforcements officers–and it could cost him his life.

And what I want to know this morning is an answer to a very simple question: “Where is the public outrage?” Why aren’t people rushing into the streets to protest this heinous act? Where are the demands that the neighborhood of this suspect be forced to go through sensitivity training, and that those who don’t or who fail to successfully complete the training be kicked out of town and have 24 hours to pack their belongings and leave? Where are the counselors and social workers who should be talking to this man’s family and friends about prejudice against The Blue? Where is the outcry that people who kill other people should not be let out of jail? Why aren’t people who don’t wear the badge held to at least an equal standard? Why aren’t people in other towns, cities, and states flooding the streets crying out for justice for those who wear The Badge?

Thinking about such questions makes me angry and my blood boil. Not at just the man who caused this carnage. But mainly at those who so quickly run to judgement against The Badge, but ignore the sin at their own door! Please pray for Sgt. Nick Risner, his family, fellow officers, and his friends. Pray for those self-serving cretinous, moronic, witless idiots who cry out against The Badge–but never support those who wear The Badge when they are out there protecting and serving.

Postscript: The second picture is the banner picture on my son’s Facebook Page. This is how 98% of those who wear The Badge feel when they put on The Badge.

We need more leaders like Sheriff Grady Judd in Polk County Florida!


Federal Bill Would Require Cops To Ask Suspects Not To Kill Them Before Shooting

OK, the level of….of….of….I’m trying to think of a nicer word, but I can’t. So here goes. The level of stupidity is going off the scale. The latest involves…you know…Washington D.C. and the U.S. Congress. This latest level of stupidity is being led by U.S. Representative William “Lacy” Clay of Missouri with help from U.S. Representative Ro Khanna of Cauliflower, excuse, California.

Sponsors of The PEACE Act that puts law enforcement officers at higher risks

They are writing a bill to present to Congress called The PEACE Act. Sounds innocuous. Who wouldn’t want peace? Well, here’s the full title: Police Exercising Absolute Care with Everyone. It redefines when Federal Law Enforcement can use lethal force. It would also require states to comply with the same standards or lose federal funds.

Here is the bill in a nutshell: It would require law enforcement officers to ask a suspect NOT to kill them BEFORE they could use lethal force. It would require the following scenario: Law Enforcement Officer: “I see you with a lethal weapon, would you put in down and not use it to kill me?” OK, now the other side. Suspect: (The sound of his gun). Law Enforcement Officer is injured or dead. And the family will need to be notified. Here’s the link to the whole article: PEACE ACT

I live in a “Stand Your Ground” state, meaning I can defend my property, family, friends and self including but not limited to the use of deadly force. I would have more legal authority than my local law enforcement officers. More than my son who is a Deputy in the Lauderdale County Sheriff’s Department.

The sheer lunacy of this proposal shows how out of touch those in our nation’s capitol are with reality. I would like to ask you, my readers, to contact your U.S. Representative and ask them NOT to support this bill. You can find your Representative at this Website.

With proposed legislation like this, we are going to see that Darwin’s theory wasn’t about the past, but the future. This is leading to nothing but chaos and anarchy, where only the strongest which seems to be the criminal element, will survive. Let’s end the lunacy in D.C. and bring back common sense.

I’m just sayin….