October 21 I’ve had radiation so I feel kinda zapped.

My friend, my Brother in Christ, my Fellow Warrior, Eddie Phillips​–another great read and insights. Here’s the one that has grabbed my heart and mind: “We must not seek people who make us feel safe but find those who can make us feel brave. That makes us all feel better.” In this season of my life, I am reaching out to those who will make me feel strong. Amazing, me, with just my aches and pains of being 61, is being taught so much by my Brother facing so much more. And I am feeling braver, that’s to Eddie! Love you, my Fellow Warrior!

My Journey Up The Mountain



Yesterday October 20 at 1:00 I had another milestone in my treatment The radiation on three nodules on my brain. As I tried to come to a comforting safe place as how to stay under the mask two to three hours I thought of a solution. I listen to Gospel music when I mow and do things I do not enjoy and am encouraged. So I did a playlist on my iPhone. As I went and checked in and sat in the waiting area I was welcomed by one of the tech and was told they would be ready for me in a moment. As I was called back I ask if today I could listen to a playlist of music while we were doing today’s procedure since it would be so long. They said yes just get where they could start it and they would get me set…

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October 19 Milestones and God Winks

Have you seen any “God Winks” lately? What’s a God Wink? Well, read my Brother Eddie’s latest blog…

My Journey Up The Mountain


The Milestones

We have passed a few milestones on the journey since my last blog. Wednesday started early At Athens Limestone Hospital getting my Power Port installed for the Chemotherapy to begin. Then it was off to Blackwell Medical Tower to get my last radiation on my C-Spine and Right Shoulder. This was my fifth and final radiation treatment for these two areas.

To day I saw Dr Katragadda my Oncologist. We discussed the medicines he has gotten approved for my Chemotherapy. I will begin Chemo on October 31 and will be in 21 day cycles for four cycles and then maintenance doses after that.

Friday brings another milestone the radiation on my three spots on my brain that need to be treated. Oh and another little victory, the Radiation Doctor, Dr. Gleason said most have roots that have spread and the ones I have do not. They are tight little…

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October 13 Fear = False Evidence Appearing Real

This line caught my mind and heart this morning: “In most all cases if we would only take off the mask and be real as to who we actually are our fears would be totally unfounded.”

My Journey Up The Mountain

Happy Friday the 13th!! Today was the second day of radiation and the second day of having to lay still while being restrained by the mask. There are two sessions lasting about 10 to fifteen minutes each but in the mask for the entire time. The radiation seems to have just a small effect of being out in the sun sort of a draining effect. No sickness feeling as of yet. I have begun to pray and worship during this time. The fear of how will I respond to being so closely confined was real. Yet when I concentrate on the prayers and thanking God for his love and grace the other things pass away.

the man in themask

Here is my thought for today. Relating to the mask as I lay there I can see two different views of how this can apply to us as a people going about our lives. So many times…

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October 9 2017 The Mask

More great insights from my brother in Christ, Eddie…

My Journey Up The Mountain


For those of you who have never had a mask made to purposefully hold you down without moving. This is my mask it is perfectly fitted by my face neck and shoulders. This was stretched over me and was molded by my features, when it set there was no moving. The next adventure for me is coming on Wednesday when I go to Blackwell Towers and lay on a table and this will be placed over me on a machine table and screwed into place. I will be locked into place as the technicians will setup the machine to do my radiation. This day will be the mapping that will allow them to do the actual work on Thursday. They will locate three places on the Brain and one on my C Spine. The X marks a reference spot to where the 12 lasers will be guided to each spot…

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Doctor Gleason Visit today 10-6-17

A very good friend and brother in Christ is writing this blog. He has stage 4 cancer in multiple locations, but his faith is amazing because he has the Living Hope. I invite you to follow along, as he puts it, we climb that mountain.

My Journey Up The Mountain

he came walking toward them on the sea

Today was the day to meet with my Radiation doctor whose name is Dr. Gleason He is a young and caring man Sherrie and I agreed that God had put him in our journey. The next plan is I go back Monday for another MRI of my Brain and Cervical spine. They want to get thinner more detailed slices of my Brain to pinpoint my treatment. Now Sherrie and I have agreed to be grateful for the small victories and this was one of them. You see I literally loathe the  MRI. Just picture Big man little bitty tunnel and I am all up in it. Can I say fat man squeeze? Well the victory was that I was going Monday for the Cervical MRI this meant another visit to that demon machine and I was already dreading that one. The victory is they will do both in the same…

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