Wimpy, Wimpy, Wimpy! There was a commercial for Hefty Paper Towels that said these exact words. And who wants a wimpy paper towel? No one, that’s who! Why this remembrance of a commercial about paper towels this Monday Morning? Because one of the Monday Spirits that rob us of the joy of life is Wimpy! No, not the character from Popeye cartoons–but the willful acts of cowardice in the face of life’s many challenges.

So many have surrendered to the wrong things, and at the wrong places. They, maybe even you, are looking at today with weak resignation. Doubt of anything changes is the agenda of the day. Acceptance that nothing is going to get better drags us down and beats us to a pulp. There’s a big word like mahogany for this–it’s pusillanimous! It means the condition of being consumed by cowardice. When we are consumed by cowardice there is no reason to ever think there is any hope for things to change; and no hope for our life to change.

But watch the news and you will see a powerful example of resolve in the face of seemingly impossible odds playing out in front of us. It’s happening in Ukraine–from its leadership to the citizens, pusillanimity has been replaced by resolve. The bear has kicked down their door–but there are no white flags of surrender being waved. They understand that courage isn’t the absence of fear–but the presence and power of resolve and determination.

Where can WE find such resolve and determination? Remember what I wrote in the second paragraph? So many have surrendered to the wrong things, and at the wrong places. To defeat the Spirit of Wimpiness means we have to surrender at a different place. The only place where we need to–must surrender–is at the foot of the Cross! Look up into the facing of The Suffering Jesus and you won’t see pusillanimity–you will see resolve and determination! And this is what He will do for you today, tomorrow, and for the rest of your life on this troubled orb. He doesn’t leave us without weapons or power. On the contrary–He equips us to face whatever life throws at us. Make up your mind–right now before your battles even begin–that when the dust of your battles settle, you will still be standing. All because you chose to surrender at the foot of the Cross!

Therefore put on the full armor of God, so that when the day of evil comes, you may be able to stand your ground, and after you have done everything, to stand.

Ephesians 6:13 (NIV)

When you surrender at the foot of the Cross and rise up with Resurrection Power, then you can say: “Good! Lord, it’s Monday! What shall we do together?”