Expiration Date!

Many things have them. Passports. Driver’s Licenses. Credit Cards. Debit Cards. Security Clearances. And so does life–the ones around you as well as your own. I’m talking about Expiration Dates. This morning it is not only reasonable–but paramount–that I speak to you about this issue.

In just a short while my Dad will awaken from a not so restful sleep. I spent the night here because my sister has been near death–and I wanted to be here when it happened. At approximately 3:30 a.m. CDT, my sister, his daughter, came to her expiration date. And now I will be the one to share this heart-breaking news.

Here’s my point this morning: We cannot avoid this expiration date–so always make sure there is no unfinished business to deal with. Mend those fences. Forgive the people in your life who you feel haven’t treated you right. Enjoy the scenery. Express gratitude. Find the joy. Stop dwelling on the wrong. Focus on the present, not the past or future. Appreciate, love, and forgive family and friends. One day–the Expiration Date–will come and you will not be able to.

And you will not be able to undo what you never got around to doing. We accuse teenagers of thinking and acting like they are immortal. It’s not just teenagers who think they have plenty of time left. Adults are the world’s worst!

Oh, one more thing. Not only is there this thing called Expiration Date, there is also a:

And this date for you life is RIGHT NOW–THIS VERY MOMENT! Make sure you get right family. Get right with your friends. Make sure you have that life-giving relationship with God made possible only through Jesus. Jacque did. And for this I am thankful. She is reunited with Mother, and is finally meeting face to face with Marilyn–the sister we never met nor knew. Give all the excuses and reasons you want for putting off making things right–but it’s all just a load of bull manure.