November 23 Thanksgiving and Giving Thanks

Inspiring words for me, and I hope for you!

My Journey Up The Mountain

Living in the darkness and coming into the light of living once again

Well since I sent out a post a lot has happened so I will do the Reader’s Digest Version. I went in to my first Chemo Treatment on October 31 Halloween. Do not know if that was a good choice of days but oh well.

We had rough weeks that included a couple of visits to the ER on the weekends. We had begun a Pain Management program and the side effect caused problems and pain. As the weeks went along things get better. I felt like I was in a very Dark place fighting to survive. Each time I would hear Praying for you my day brightened as I knew that I had prayer warriors behind me and they were holding me up. Coming into this week I have improved to the point I was out…

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Uniting Methodists: A Catholic Spirit?

Another blog for my United Methodist friends. Very well said and shows the folly of progressive theology…if you are not a United Methodist, you may not get much from it, but if you are, it should open your eyes.

Wall to Wall Faith, Hope, & Love

Earlier this week a group called “Uniting Methodists” convened in Atlanta. The stated purpose? To “be a unifying and clarifying voice in a divided conversation and a polarized culture.” The movement is purported to be a centrist one to allow space for traditionalist, moderate, and progressive United Methodists to continue together under the proverbial bigger tent. But I don’t think there is really anything new here.

For a movement that’s supposed to unify both traditionalists and progressives, they still seem intent on alienating, marginalizing, and negatively labeling those of us who hold to traditional views regarding sex and marriage. For instance, they continue to compare the debate over sexual ethics with past debates over slavery, race, and women in ministry. How is it unifying to continue to compare traditionalists with proponents of slavery, racists, and misogynists?

The Uniting Methodists movement shows few, if any, signs of actually respecting those with…

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Let’s Make a Deal, #UMC Style

As David opens this blog, I repeat: If you are not a United Methodist, this may be difficult to understand. But if you are a United Methodist who hasn’t had their head buried in the sand, this is worth reading and gives great insights to this “process” of finding a way forward…

David F. Watson

Warning: Lots of United Methodist insider talk in this post. If you are not United Methodist, you might find this all a bit confusing. In fact, I find it confusing myself

222b7-crossflameThe Commission on a Way Forward has presented an interim report to the Council of Bishops. The report is not particularly surprising, but it could be quite helpful nonetheless. In what follows I’ll make a few brief comments on the commission’s proposals.

Before I do, though, I want to thank the members of the commission. You have invested huge amounts of time, intellect, and emotional energy in this attempt to find a way through our current denominational impasse. I know your work is not over, but I’m grateful for your efforts in bringing us to this point.

The Three Sketches

A recent UMNS article describes sketches of three models:

  • One sketch of a model affirms the current Book of…

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