A Blessed And Happy New Year to all of you who follow and read this blog! And I truly mean this. I never imagined I would be a blogger, much less having done it for this long. You have seen me at my worst and at my best. Yes, you have SEEN me! Most of us have never met face to face–nonetheless, you have seen me. The words I throw out here on the Internet came from my heart, my mind, or my emotions–sometimes all three. Sometimes they’ve been witty, and other times they have been filled with deep pain. And yes, sometimes sarcastic–it is a gift, talent, and sometimes a curse I have.

There have been moments that I have been brutally honest about myself–painted an ugly picture of myself. And YOU accepted and embraced me without judging me. You are a rare breed today. You are on my “Barnabas” list of people who are my encouragers–and you will never know how your encouragement has helped me until that Day when God reveals to you the impacts you have made for His Kingdom. And here’s the song for you from my heart to yours: