Do You Remember

Hopefully, today will be filled with stories of remembering. Stories of where they were when the first heard the news. Stories of being glued to the television news. Stories of crying. Stories about talking with friends, families, even strangers about the day’s events. I, too, have stories of remembering; remembering my son was stationed at Ft. Campbell, home of the Screaming Eagles; remembering my son-in-law a full-time soldier with the Alabama National Guard.

But there’s one story I could tell that stands tall above all other stories. I remember the Kindness people showed to each other. I remember people who realized the importance of family and friends. I remember that politics did not amount to anything. For a season, we acted with Kindness. I remember thinking, “This is a brief glimpse of what the Kingdom of God looks like!”

Alas, we have forgotten the Kindness that followed 9-11. But maybe, call me the eternal optimist, maybe others like myself will recall the Kindness that was so dominant. And perhaps, we will all act with Kindness again. Lord knows we need it in these days. May it be so, Lord, may it be so!