Modern Marvels

(Copyright The History Channel)

Nothing spiritual this morning–just a reflection that is the result of picking up trash along the road in front of our home. This is a constant battle and it made me think, “Why do so many people litter our roads?” It’s not just limited to our home–trash is everywhere. And honestly, I really wanted to use my talent for snarky and explode all over those who litter. But then it hit me: “They are either ignorant or stupid.” As Sy Robertson once said, “You can’t fix trash. You can’t fix a neutered dog. And you can’t fix stupid.” But ignorance can be fixed with knowledge.

I refuse to believe there are that many stupid people. So it must be ignorance–and ignorance is defeated with knowledge. Obviously those who litter are unaware of this modern marvel called a trash can; also known as a garbage can. I can understand why; the garbage can has only been around for about 136 years. And the amazing thing is that you can find them just about anywhere; convenience stores, in front of many businesses, and other locations. And here’s what makes it a marvel: there are companies that pick up the contents of those trash cans and will properly dispose of that litter–and it’s not along our highways and roads.

And, get this, there is this Modern Marvel at your home. You can take the litter from your vehicle and actually put it in your garbage can (or trash can if you prefer that term). It is not illegal to do this and it will not cause termination of your agreement with your trash pickup provider. Yes, it’s true. Trash in your vehicle can be put in that Modern Marvel we call trash cans. So, now that you know about this 136 year old Modern Marvel, you can stop littering our roads and highways. I am so glad to provide all the many ignorant people this illuminating knowledge. Now when I see litter, I know it’s not the result of ignorance, but absolute stupidity. You’re welcome.