an effort to secure or attain; quest

Signing bonuses! There was a time when this term was used for professional athletes, high-up the totem pole white color jobs, and truck drivers. It was reserved for those with certain skillsets from among a limited pool of people. But in these times, it appears that everybody and their cousins trying to hire employees are offering signing bonuses. Many businesses are desperately short of employees–and the minimum standard has been reduced to “pass the drug test”!

Why? It appears that the reason is NO ONE WANTS TO PURSUE A JOB, MUCH LESS A CAREER! Unless one counts sitting around doing nothing while expecting their boatload of money to dock at the pier. Pursuit has become both a lost art. . .and a lost desire. I’m not writing about the pursuit of the wrong things. I’m talking about the failures to pursue anything! Give me someone who pursues the wrong things–and maybe I can help them pursue the right things. Think about the Pharisee named Saul. Pursuing the wrong thing with all his energy–then Jesus turns him around to pursue the right things.

Just look at the chart above–how over time the use of the word pursuit has declined. And if the word isn’t being used–then the energies are not being seen. Notice the definition; It’s The Title Of This Edition! Where does the definition start? EFFORT! This means you have to pull yourself up by your boot straps; put your big girl panties on–and go all out. As bad as apathy was starting in the 60’s (remember Alfred E. Neuman? Mad magazine?)–today it has been elevated to a virtue. And that’s sad. . .so very sad.

Whoever goes hunting for what is right and kind finds life itself—glorious life!

Proverbs 21:21 (The Message)