I have been called a “wordsmith” because of the ways I talk, preach, and pray. But I’ve never been called an “artist”. Heck, I can’t draw a straight line with a ruler. Therefore, I am looking for someone who can draw. And here’s why:

This morning I was reflecting on the book, “The Screwtape Letters” by C.S. Lewis. And I started thinking. I know, that scares the heck out of a lot of people, and perhaps it should scare them. I’m thinking about starting either a new blog, Facebook Page, Twitter account (or all of the above). Here is my vision about this new project:

  1. It will be called “Essie and Prog”, 2 Senior Demons in Lucifer’s army.
  2. They will have conversations (as opposed to letters between Wormwood and Screwtape).
  3. Their conversations will be about the state of affairs and condition of the 21st century church.
  4. Unlike the TV Series “Law and Order” that claims NOT to be based on actual events, it will be based on actual events and debates happening in the church (although the names will be changed to protect the innocent–remember the old series “Dragnet”?)
  5. Essie is a woman, while Prog is a man.
  6. Both have the physical appearance of being ordinary 21st century human beings.

And this is why I seeking help in the bloggersphere. I do not want to “Google” a caricature, and thus possibly violate copyrighted material. I need some drawings for both Essie (remember, female) and Prog (remember, male). These drawings do not have to be syndicated cartoon worthy drawings. Simply, creative drawings. And if you wish, I will gladly give credit where credit is due. Or not. It’s your call!

So, all of you creative people out there–GET TO BEING CREATIVE–I need your gifts of creativity! Comment below if you would be interested or find me on Facebook and private message me.