The Prejudice Problem

The Prejudice Problem in our nation is greater in number of people who hold tightly to their prejudice than those who hold tightly to their Racist views. And yes, there is a difference between Prejudice and Racism. There, I said it and I do not take it back! But they do have something in common: They Are Wrong And Sinful Views To Hold!

Racism oozes and gushes out from Prejudice. But Prejudice? It has nothing to do with racism. And if you disagree with me on this point–it’s OK to disagree with me–but you’re still wrong. Look and analyze these two words. First, look at the word Racism. It obvious that it revolves around a person’s race. Right?

Now look at the word Prejudice. There’s nothing in that word that says anything about a person’s Race. Still think I’m wrong? Well, if you still think that, then YOU are still wrong. The word Prejudice comes from the Latin word “praejudicium” which is a combination of two words. The first is prae” which means in advance. The second is “judicium” which means judgement. Prejudice means to judge someone or something in advance of knowing all the facts.

Prejudice happens when conclusions are drawn about someone or a group of people without without really knowing anything about them. And this can happen regardless of the color of one’s skin or their nationality. Think of this word: Prejudge. If you were charged with a crime and appear in the courtroom only to find out that the jury and judge has already deemed you guilty before the trial begins, how would you feel? Or if you were a victim of a crime, and the jury and judge determined the accused was innocent before any evidence was presented, how would that make you feel?

Yet, people do the same thing to other people. They draw conclusions about them because of their economic status. Or they draw conclusions about them because of where they go to church. Or the community they live in. Or the style of their hair. Or the football team they support. Or the neighborhood they live in. Or which political party they support. Or which version of the Bible they read. Or their favorite color. Or on what others say about that person.

How about this “Or“: they Prejudge someone based on things that happened 2 centuries ago. Prejudice is holding tightly to opinions that have no basis in fact. Prejudice goes deeper than the color of one’s skin. Truth is, it has nothing to do with one’s skin color. The truth is Prejudice is forming opinions without facts to back up and justify that opinion of another person. Prejudice is that conscious decision to alienate others without ever knowing them.

Prejudice has led us to this culture that mistrusts and dislikes others. Prejudice leads to many horrible, ugly things. Racism is one of them. No doubt, Racism is both wrong and a problem. And so many are trying to eliminate Racism by treating it as The Problem. Racism is a symptom of The Problem–but it’s not the disease. And we know from the medical world that often times treating The Problem will not cure The Disease.

The Disease which has cast a dark shadow over the land is Prejudice. Until we treat The Disease, The Problem continues to grow like cancer. How about it people? Let’s stop Prejudging others before we even get to know them. Let’s stop Prejudging others on things that have nothing to do with the character of their heart and life. Let’s stop Prejudging others before we get to know them. Call me crazy (you won’t be the first or last to do so), I believe that we can weaken that demon called Racism if we would just stop thinking and acting out of Prejudice. Racism will happen because we live in a fallen world, and it has a ton of idiots. This isn’t an attempt to justify Racism; it’s just a fact. We will do more to improve this culture and world if we will stop engaging in praejudicium. But who knows, maybe we would eliminate Racism.