Disclaimer: this rant is the result of my confusion seeking understanding. If anyone is offended, oh well!

Yesterday, as I was watching some news, something happened that I just can’t comprehend or understand. Really! I’m in a desperate search for someone to explain this to me. I’m honestly trying to understand it. I don’t qualify for Mensa, but I’m not dumb, either. I am left-handed, so I do have some ability to comprehend stuff that can be a bit complicated. But this? It was almost like the computer’s blue screen of death! Every circuit was collapsing. Please, please, please! Is there anyone out there in the Wacky World Web who can and will help me before I crawl into a corner in the fetal position?

What? Didn’t you hear? First Lady Jill Biden presented an International Women of Courage Award to someone who ain’t a woman! 10 Women and 1 Man were given this Courage Award, reserved for women only. Now, what I cannot understand is how she could have given this award to a transgendered person! They wanted to give out 11 International Women of Courage Awards and this was the best they could do? I mean, this is international, not a city, town, or county/parish. It’s from all over the world! You can read about it here!

First Lady Biden slapped the face of every woman in the world by giving this high and well deserved recognition to a man who wears dresses and makeup. They can’t say they didn’t know. Alba Rueda, of Argentina, has been very straightforward, about his feelings of really being a woman; even though under that dress is a thingy and a pair of family jewels. Our First Lady slapped the faces and insulted every woman in the world with that award. Simply as a woman, forget for a moment she is the First Lady, she should have said, “I refuse to defame the women of the world. Get someone else to present HIM that award.” Have you ever known a wife that isn’t quick to correct someone?

This mockery of women is a sham, shame, and disgrace to women everywhere! I am most confident that there are REAL women out there who deserves this recognition. You know, the ones who show real courage, courage in the fire of the crises in life. Women from all around the world should be demanding an apology from the White House! Now, this crime against humanity, isn’t about the politics of the Biden family. It’s about what is RIGHT!!!!!!! And though I’m honesty trying to understand how a man can be a woman of courage, I just don’t see it. Alba Rueda is a man in a dress wearing make-up! His feelings doesn’t change a thing! First Lady Biden, please apologize to the women of the world for this egregious and nefarious insult and injury to women everywhere.

So, is there anyone out there who can explain to me, in a logical way, how a MAN can be a Courageous woman? And don’t try to give me the gibberish and drivel about how HE feels. Because few things are more illogical than feelings! Come on, Women Of The World, demand your just apology! And whoever was on that committee (and it had to be a committee to come up with this much stupid), should appear at a press conference wearing burlap and covered in ashes to lament their erroneous and fallacious choice! And don’t get me started on men competing in women’s athletics!