Does a spring of water bubble out with both fresh water and bitter water?

James chapter 3, verse 11; from the New Living Translation (NLT)

Isn’t it ironic that in this season of discernment, that our Jurisdictional Conferences have been busy electing new Bishops? Or is it just me? This function is akin to selecting a new Captain as the Titanic begins to slip into the ocean. Now, be it known unto all that I never give up hope until there isn’t a snowball’s chance in you know where. Though I am making my move, I am reserving the final decision until there is no hope for the United Methodist Church. I am holding on to my credentials at least until 31 December 2022, just in case. And though the event I am about to address is just one event–it points to the greater problem within the United Methodist Institution.

It is beyond me how some people think. Or what they use for thinking! Case in point: Hypocrisy To A New Level. In the South Central Jurisdiction of the UMC, Rev. Stan Copeland accused 3 Bishops of causing harm to the UMC because they were not making it difficult to impossible for churches in their Conferences to disaffiliate. Well, read it here:

And I want to ask Bro. Stan: Why invoke our Discipline now? Bro. Stan, haven’t you been paying attention to the actions and words of other Bishops? You want to declare (not accuse) that 3 Bishops are harming the United Methodist Church by not publicly denouncing the Global Methodist Church. According to the United Methodist News Service you. . .well allow me to quote what was written: “Copeland said they have harmed The United Methodist Church by acting in support of churches disaffiliating and need to be held accountable.” Held accountable?

Bro. Stan, if you had called for Bishops to be held accountable 20 years ago–held accountable to our Book of Discipline, their ordination vows, and to the Bible, none of us would be here watching that snowball in you know where melting into oblivion. My Brother, remember those words of James. It would do you well if you followed that counsel. I haven’t given up all hope–but it’s melting away very fast.



  1. I attended FUMC – Houston when Stan was there as an associate to Bill Hinson, a giant among us.
    I had great respect for Stan as a thoroughly orthodox pastor. Over the last few years I have learned, with great regret, that I my assessment was wrong. I cannot imagine how Bill Hinson would respond to this betrayal.
    It is one thing to watch the Church fall, but quite another to see someone I respected helping tear it down. So so sad.

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  2. Thanks for your commentary and faithfulness. Stanley is becoming unhinged as more churches leave the UMC. Talks more about the UMC. Sad really is becoming more bitter by the day.

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    1. It is so sad to see what was once a church that called for and preached personal holiness first, and then social holiness, to fall apart. My heart breaks every time I think about it.


  3. I resigned and turned in my license in June. As an LP I had 0 hope of standing against the Liberal UMC leaders.
    The requests they made as a condition of continuing my license in my opinion were border if not fully blasphemous.
    I am thankful to have been called by God to preach and even without a license I am called to bring a message at churches. I do not need a piece of paper to share the true Gospel of Jesus Christ.
    I am no longer surprised at anything said and done by the leaders of the UMC.
    I guess when all those discouraged churches walk away the UMC will snatch up the real estate to try and fill their depleting vaults$$.
    But what happens after they’ve bent over backwards to fill churches with those who never fully believed in sin and do not tithe ?
    Who’s pockets will they dig into?

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    1. Sister Debbie, I’m thankful for servants like yourself that refuse to be bullied into submission into doing something against God’s will. And you are exactly correct in stating that a piece of paper isn’t required to share the true Gospel of Jesus Christ. All of us who’ve been baptized into Christ are called to serve Him in whatever capacity that we’ve been Spiritually Gifted to provide. “Keep on keeping on.”

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  4. Brother Randy, this statement Bro. Stan has to be the most brazen example of “ the pot calling the kettle black “ that I can think of. Maybe I missed it, but I can’t remember either Bro. Stan or any of the other so-called centrist Bishops complaining about the installation of Karen Olevito as the first openly practicing lesbian or the outright refusal of several AC to enforce the 2019 General Conference legislation? The simple truth is that when what’s left of Post UMC finally crashes and burns, the Episcopacy has no one to blame but themselves. It’s not like they weren’t warned.

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