WHAT THA. . . ??????????

If you were expecting another “Oh, Lord! It’s Monday!” post, it’s not happening today. There’s something bigger and more important on my heart–in fact–it’s been on my heart since early yesterday morning. You see, I made a mistake–I spend some time on Facebook. One of the groups that I follow is the United Methodist Clergy Page. I knew there would be some posts about the recent SCOTUS ruling on Roe V. Wade. The ruling, which by the way, doesn’t ban abortions. It puts the issue where it Constitutionally belongs–with the States. And corrected an earlier SCOTUS that misapplied the Fourth Amendment’s provisions against unreasonable searches and seizures to include the right to privacy. And since abortion is a “private” matter, it is Constitutionally guaranteed. Anywho–here’s what one of my fellow UMC Clergy said that prompted a reply from me (of course).

Huh? So there are no verses that describe principles anywhere in the N.T.? I couldn’t let this one slide. Here’s what I said:

Well, needless to say, this alleged Clergyperson did not like my reply. And this is what this “person of sacred worth who does not see other lives having sacred worth” said:

A conceived child is “exactly the same as a tumor in a body”! Really? Oh, John Wesley, how far has your vision and dream fallen into the depths of hell! Obviously this alleged clergyperson did not think it through. What does a tumor do to a body? It fills the person with fear and dread. It continues to grow until it destroys that body. And what does a baby do? It grows and develops, and then enters the world. And once in the world, that baby has the potential to find a cure for pancreatic cancer–design technology that improves the quality of life for the rest of the world–be a world peacemaker–the potential is unlimited. In fact, that potential existed while that child was in the mother’s womb. All that child needed to begin the journey to reach that potential was the opportunity to be born.

“A fetus is the POTENTIAL for a child. NOT a child.” I am at a loss for words that someone who claims to proclaim the Good News of The Kingdom of God could proclaim such an idea. Well–not really at a loss for words. “Vile! Mean! Depraved! Uncaring! Vicious! Nefarious! Warped! Noxious! Nasty! Disgusting!” Folks, this perspective of “a baby is just like a turmor” didn’t just appear suddenly. It’s been carefully developed over the past several decades. It comes directly from the President and Dean of Hell University. And it does not–nor will it ever fit into–the Narrative Of The Kingdom Of God!

So how do you and I react to the comments of this idiot? Let’s continue to show the sanctity of all human life–born and yet to be born. Let’s fill this culture with compassion for those who have chosen to have an abortion. Let’s get involved in increasing the quality of life for the least, the last, and the lost. And one more thing I will say–let’s work to decrease the costs related to adoption. Many couples I know would love to adopt and would provide a warm and loving home for a child–but the costs were prohibited.

And if there was ever any doubt about leaving the UMC–that doubt is gone. I have several friends who want me to stay in the UMC–but how can I effectively proclaim The Good News Of The Kingdom when the climate and environment within the UMC produces this kind of repulsive thinking? OK, rant is over!


7 thoughts on “WHAT THA. . . ??????????

  1. “Vile! Mean! Depraved! Uncaring! Vicious! Nefarious! Warped! Noxious! Nasty! Disgusting! Idiot.” There are nine fruits of the Spirit, but these 11 words squash into each fruit until they’re rotten to the core. A pro-life stance — religious or secular — deserves way better than this.

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  2. I am part of the UMC and I am pro-choice why some would say because at the age of 7 my father’s father rape me and then after my mother died of cancer at sixteen my father did the same thing, I try to kill myself however God had other plans for my life. No girl or woman should have to carry a child after being rape most time the rape is from someone they know and love and unless someone has walk in my shoes they will never understand no one should have to carry the child. (Praise God I never got pregnant) I also believe in the gay rights as well, my oldest daughter was a conjoin twin (I could see on my ultra sound) she also has two DNA in parts of her body and extra body parts, after genetic testing and knowing she is missing chromosomes she is truly neither female or male, and many in that community are disable it was never a choice as many Christians believe of think. Too many Christians truly don’t understand the scriptures they need to be reminded that our Lord is still on the throne. When I preach yesterday I remind others from Micah 6:8 what does the Lord require from us, act justly, love mercy, and walk humbly with our God. Jesus came into our world to show us the love of God and not to condemn John 3:16-17 and that is what we should never do, is to judge. To me when we don’t judge another human being for the choices they have made we are showing the love of Christ and lead them to have a walk with Christ as well, pointing there fingers does not help. My daughter who was conjoin is also chronically ill and her walk with Christ and her faith in him is so wonderful to watch. As I have preach many times it is easy to praise God on the mountain top when things in our lives are going well, however when we are in the pity of the valley we need to praise God even louder. So for another Christian to say she has not faith or needs to confess some kind of sin is so wrong, God does not heal all of her child here on earth. Okay my friend I too am done for now, have a blessed Monday

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