The Boundary Lines Have Fallen For Me In Pleasant Places; Surely I Have A Delightful Inheritance.

Psalm chapter 16 verse 6

What’s your history? Everyone has a history. Yesterday I had an appointment with a new cardiologist. I haven’t seen one in nearly 5 years, so it was time. I had one where we lived back then but he’s over 2 hours away. So it was time to find one closer. Past time, truthfully. I went to see him not because I was having chronic symptoms, but because of my history. I have hypertension (how weird that a pastor would have high blood pressure, right?) and a few years ago I had severe tachycardia–which was fixed with an ablation.

But there’s more to my “heart” history. Both of my grandfathers had heart issues. My paternal grandmother died from a heart attack. Along with some of my Dad’s brothers. My maternal grandmother and my mother had congestive heart failure. And my Dad had double bypass surgery. And when we went through my history and my family’s, Dr. Carraway concluded I needed a stress test. So on July 9, guess where I will be. I’m not anticipating anything to be wrong–but with my medical history, it’s just safer this way. And all this thinking and talking about “history” prompted today’s musing.

So I ask you again, What’s your history? Not your medical or your family’s medical history, but your history with Jesus? Though your medical history IS important, your history with Jesus is even more important. Think about David’s history with God. God provided for and protected David as a shepherd. He took that one smooth stone David had and sent it perfectly to the one place Goliath didn’t have any armor. Gave him the ability to write songs. Raised him up as a mighty warrior. Annointed him to be King. But David also had another history with God. On one occasion he plotted the murder of one of his best friends. Had an illicit affair. Became arrogant. And more things than we know. But it wasn’t just the horrible things David did–but where he went after the fact. David always went back to God! He knew that there was always mercy and grace with God. His own personal history testifies to this fact.

And what about you? Some say you can’t allow your history to define you. Well, this is true–but only to a certain point. When we take our sins to God and admit our failures, and trust in His Grace, God does what God does. He shows mercy and grace! If we fail to admit our sin before God, then our history defines as as such. BUT!!!! If we bring it to Jesus, admit we are a sinner and want to different future–then The Father grants that desire. But don’t limit your history with Jesus to just running to Him for forgiveness. Have a history of walking with Jesus, talking with Jesus, listenting to Jesus, and allowing The Holy Spirit to work in your heart and life so that you become like Jesus! We all have a history with Jesus. Make sure you have a history with Jesus–a history of living for Him!

Love God with all your heart. Love others the way Jesus loves you. And make sure all the glory goes to Him!

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