This morning at 4:52 a.m. CDT the temperature is 21 and the “feels like” is 12 degrees here at Dad’s. That’s usual for us in Alabama–but I’m not worried because in Alabama the weather changes almost as much as a politician’s opinions. And in that “feels like” temperature I found something to share in this Journey Journal of walking with Dad in this difficult season. As a child, he walked with me; and now I walk with him. If this is the first time to read my Journey Journal, here are the previous posts. (Day 1; Day 2; Day 3; Day 4; Day 5; Day 6; Day 8; Day 11; Day 18; Day 23; Day 24; Day 30) And this morning, the Syllabus from the Lesson Plan of The Holy Spirit is this: It’s A Bad Day For Making Decisions.

Yesterday I got a call that Dad was nauseated and vomiting. In addition, his A-Fib was acting up. So a quickly grabbed a few things and headed north to his home. Fortunately I had the foresight to leave a couple of changes of clothes and toiltrey items at Dad’s. 2 hours and about 20 minutes later I arrived, and found him feeling less nauseated but really weak. The last food he kept down was the day before yesterday’s lunch. For supper he felt like trying some cream of chicken soup, and so far so good.

But earlier he told me that he made a decision, one that I wouldn’t like. He was going to check into getting into a nursing home. He’s been making it pretty good–up until he got sick. Yes, it was a bad day for him. And what he taught me–unintentionally I’m sure–and what The Spirit wanted me to see is that when we have bad days, it’s not a good day to make decisions based on a bad day. I ought to know–Lord knows I’ve made too many decisions because of a bad day. Bad day decisions are usually bad decisions. And I’m asking you to pray with me that Dad will not let a bad day shape such an important decision. In a short time, he will be getting up to start his morning routine. I’m praying that a better day will lead him to a better decision.