Journey Journal Day 4: Always Give Thanks!

Thankfulness! More than just because today is Thanksgiving Day, it’s part and parcel of this life in Grace. I’m certainly not Thankful for everything that happens. And I’m not Thankful for this current journey. Nonetheless, I agree with what The Spirit taught me this morning as I sit here at this table in Dad’s house that will soon be filled with our family–Always Be Thankful!

Though I am not at our home in Mt. Vernon (ALABAMA!), I still went outside with my coffee, my music, and my honest feelings. As I looked up in the night sky, right there in front of me were 2 vapor streams from 2 jets. And what was unique about them was they were parallel. They were the same distance part all the way across. I know they were the same distance apart because, after all, I have an eagle eye!

There was a very distinct difference–one was ahead of the other. And in that moment, today’s lesson came into focus. I am on this journey–we are all on some type of journey, by the way–and God is always ahead of me. He’s leading me. He’s with me right now. And He’s preparing me each and every step down the path. And because He is going before me–I know I can count on Him and trust in Him whatever the future may bring. He knows what it is–so He knows what I need.

We can always we Thankful when our lives are anchored to Jesus. If we submit to Him and Trust Him, we can be certain that God is ready to give us what we need when we need it. And every now and then–He surprises us with something extra–something unexpected–something that only the trusting heart can recognize–The Assurance that He has our life and the moments of our life in His Hands, and He will care for us regardless of what the future may hold. Be confident that He has 2 parallel vapor streams where one is ahead of the other moment for you. Don’t let what happens in your Journey control your thoughts–stay focused on God. Don’t be Thankful for WHAT happens–be Thankful that God is leading the way for you!