HELP WANTED: Signs Of The Times

Help wanted sign in front of store front

Snarky! The dictionary defines snarky as “having a rudely critical tone or manner“. I prefer my own definition of snarky: “it’s the combination of a lot of common sense and frustration fueled by the stupidity of others.” For some snarky is an ability; for others it’s a gift. I have been doubly blessed with both the ability and gift of snarkiness. This is also a curse because I have to fight the battle every day to use it at the most inappropriate moments. Most days I manage to keep Snarky locked up in the closet. But this morning Snarky is banging on that door, begging to be let out. And I can’t keep it locked up. So fasten your seatbelts, it may be a bumpy flight.

There was a season when the signs outside a business said things like: Clearance Sale! Buy One Get One! Inventory Liquidation! Mattresses 50% Off! Going Out Of Business! But do you know the most frequent sign seen today in front of businesses? HELP WANTED! Some are even offering sign on bonuses. What’s happened? Has the pool of available employees been abducted by an armada of UFOs? Nope! And thus Snarky has a message today.

So many people do today not want to WORK! Every day I see a boatload of people who appear able to work, but they aren’t! Those who do show up only want a paycheck. Earning that paycheck for them is as foreign as reading and properly pronunciate the Classical Greek language. The concept of hard work is anathema and they are having no part of it! It’s like 3 day old chewing gum–they find it tasteless.

Why? Why? Why? Would you believe I have some theories kindly given to me by Snarky? One reason is PARENTS! Every day I see some snooty-nosed kid with a $50,000 truck with $3,000 rims and tires, and the front end jacked-up. How do high school kids afford it? They don’t! Daddy and/or Momma wants them to have it, not earn it! I don’t know if they do it out of love or whatever reason. It’s not love giving someone whatever they want. Doing such harms them and takes away from their potential.

Another reason Snarky gives me is the U.S. Government. They reward people for doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! Instead of giving incentives to become productive citizens, they hand out money as quick as their intaglio printer can spit it out. I’ve heard people laid off because of the COVID-19 pandemic say, “I can earn almost or even as much staying at home as I did working.” Now tell me, WHERE IN THE NAME OF GOD’S CREATION DOES THAT ENCOURAGE PEOPLE TO WORK? Sorry for the yelling; I momentarily lost control of Snarky.

So what can be done? Well, parents can shut off the muck of showering their love for those kids with money and trying to make it easy for their kids. Life ain’t easy–but it can be very good! I always told my kids: You can work hard, or you can work smart! I still remember to this day back in 1992 at Ft. Leonard Wood, Missouri. My son had just finished Basic Training, and one of the first things he said to me was: Dad, you were right! He may not remember it, but Dad sure does. Parents, teach your kids that work, even hard work, isn’t a curse–it’s an opportunity to grow and improve yourself.

Government can turn off those intaglio presses and remind everyone that nothing important, significant, or valuable is ever achieved without both determination and hard work. This may well be the thing least likely to happened. It seems our government was us to depend on THEM! Seems to me, back in the 1770’s this was one of the things that the King of England wanted–in addition they want money from those who actually worked so they would not have to work.

Finally, for those of us who understand the value of hard work, let’s doing something different. Instead of complaining about all those people sitting at home doing nothing or shopping at WalMart with their government incentives to do nothing when there are all these HELP WANTED signs–we create opportunities for teaching moments. If you’re always telling how useless they are they will not embrace those teaching moments. We need to re-teach people that there is no shame in applying themselves and that hard work is not a curse or a sin. Excuse me, I need to shove Snarky back in the closet!

8 thoughts on “HELP WANTED: Signs Of The Times

  1. Fortunately, when these people finally get a job, many of them discover a bonus they weren’t getting before – self respect and a sense of accomplishment. We should look for opportunities to give sincere praise someone for a job well done, no matter how insignificant that job may seem. Encouragement goes a long way.

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  2. Shame on employers if their business model is to pay less than living wages in order to further themselves.

    I sure wish the original self entitled population, boomers, would quit being hypocrites.

    I deal with homeowners every day and I can assure you they are far more self entitled than any other generation.

    On a daily basis I estimate home reno’s on $500,000.00 plis homes only to hear the same old story. “ I’m on a fixed income and require 15% discount. Or get cut off in line from some fat ass boomer who is giving the minimum wage employee a hard time cause they didn’t get the fresh pot of coffee they requested quick enough instead of getting the relatively fresh coffee everyone else is fine with.
    Think a little harder on this Randy.
    No one wants to work for minimum wage only to have some wealthy retired retard tell them how stupid and lazy they are.
    Shame on employers for not paying less then a living wage.
    Step out of your time warp if you want to be relevant.
    FYI, I’m a business owner , soccer coach and have 4 boys aged 11-23 and can say with 100% certainty, your snarky rant is uncalled for and not based on reality but based on emotions. This current generation is the one stuck with all the problems of the last 50 years and will succeed in doing it.
    Now go out there and encourage the kids instead of tearing them down. This is a huge problem in the evangelical/charismatic religion.

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    1. I agree–but jobs being posted around here are above minimum wage. Friends of mine who own businesses have lowered their standard for new hires to 2 qualifications: Can you pass a drug test? Can you show up on time? And many of those new hires cannot do either. This is a complicated problem. And the solution is indeed that we take time to have those “teaching moments” to help them find a different path. My daughter was once the office manager for the bankruptcy division of a large law firm. Her office was filled with “entitled” mentalities. She would often have to work Saturdays and Sundays to finish the paperwork for court on Monday because those responsible were irresponsible. Her comment was “I have to earn my paycheck. It’s not unreasonable that they should earn their paycheck.” I know, I know–there are multiple facets to every problem. And yes, it is a problem when profits become more important than people. Blessings!

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      1. The funny thing about drug testing, it’s only for insurance purposes. Even funnier, crack/cocaine is not detectable after a day. It’s why on high paying heavy construction workers use crack/cocaine as their drug of choice.
        Our shingle supply company has never recouped the delivery drivers they had since they introduced mandatory drug testing. For 10 years it’s been a revolving door of sub standard delivery personnel.
        How come the “my body my rights” aren’t up in arms about drug testing?
        The hardest working (physically) people I’ve ever known were pot smokers, and yet they no longer qualify anymore for employment with larger companies.
        And yet, it’s completely acceptable to go for beers after work.
        I hear what you’re saying Randy, and there is a problem, but what exactly is the problem?
        Businesses here in Edmonton Alberta, are experiencing the same issues you speak of so I am aware that labour is a challenge.

        In all honesty, it’ll take a massive recession to “straighten out” the problem. There’s a reason those who lived through the depression were frugal and hard working and they never forgot about it.
        We pay starting wage $22/hour and don’t drug test. We have been incident free for over 20 years.
        I hope your friends figure out a way to find and retain employees.
        Thanks for the response, I really appreciate it.


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