2021 Pharisees!

Well, I’m back–along with my sense of humor and snark. Being 64 years old has it’s advantages. Besides all those Senior Discounts, I’m too old to beat around the bush–and play nice. My years are counting down and I want these remaining years to count. As I shared yesterday in my message, I’ve been intending to get back to writing. But intending doesn’t make the baby a dress–and a highway to a certain undesirable location is paved with the good ones.

The Spirit has finally moved me from intentions to actions–and I owe it all to the events of last week in Washington, D.C. I want to speak to those who profess to be–call it “Christian” or “disciple” or “church member”–and were either involved with last week’s chaos in D.C. or supported and liked what happened. If you want nothing to do with Jesus, the church, and what has been labeled “Christianity”–I’m not talking to you. You can continue to pursue whatever it is you are pursuing. Only you who say you are “Christians”, yet are tying your “Christianity” to U.S. politics. It’s you who are in the crosshairs of this Kingdom Pastor.

I’ve seen your posts on social media. I’ve heard your rants against Democrats and a corrupted election process. I’ve heard your hate against Antifa. And I’ve heard your disdain about Black Lives Matter–something you insist isn’t necessary. Your disdain contradicts your assertions. Now, if I haven’t rattled your chains enough–allow me to raise your hackles. YOU who claim to be “Christians” and are involved in this mess or encourage this mess or say you support this mess–YOU are the 2021 Pharisees.

The reason you are a Pharisee is that you have connected Jesus with U.S. Politics and the Republican Party. The Pharisees in the days when Jesus was human wanted and promoted a Military Messiah. 2021 Pharisees want and promote a Political Messiah–who also happens to be a Republican and Trump Supporter.

Now, I’m not suggesting there was not any voter fraud or voting irregularities. I’m from Alabama where legend has it that a certain county has had over 120% of registered voters cast ballots in elections. What I am saying is two-fold. First, leave the allegations of voter fraud in the hands of proper investigative authorities and YOU stay the heck out of it. You have neither the legal authority nor the mental abilities to make such a determination.

Second reason: You need to cease and desist because you are doing great harm to the church, the Good News of The Kingdom, and making a mockery of Jesus as the Real Messiah–who has neither military nor political aspirations. Like the Pharisees of old, 2021 Pharisees are twisting God’s Promise into an action point that just so happens to coincide with their personal opinions. And you know what is said about personal opinions: they are like anuses; everyone has one and they usually stink.

So, to all you yahoos out there crying, moaning, and declaring the end of America, you need to do something more. Drop the name “Christian” from your posts and rants. Many of us are out there bringing the Good News of the Kingdom–News made for difficult times like these. We offer people a relationship with the Real Jesus who is Sovereign and needs neither political party to achieve His desire of redeeming and restoring fallen human beings. He is capable of doing such an enormous task without the help of whoever is sitting in the Oval Office. He doesn’t even need the political party controlling the Senate nor the House of Representatives.

If you want to be a Political Animal/Beast–then drop all the references to Jesus. See how that works out for you. For me, it’s heartbreaking to see all of the uproar, chaos, anger, and hate. But all of that doesn’t lead me into despair. Times like these are made for The Good News of God’s Kingdom. In all this darkness–it’s really great to know The Light–and to have The Light living in the hearts of those who truly are Christians.

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  1. Amen Pastor Randy !! Going to repost this today !! How do you tell a Christian is “ON FIRE” for the Lord ?? If they are a die hart trump supporter like I am…BUT are still at absolute peace about God’s choice for POTUS… God chose Biden…and God doesn’t make any mistakes…

    The churches are filled with people calling themselves Christians… But if God is not first in their life, you know what Jesus said about them in Rev. 3:15-16…

    I would like to include a post I wrote for “Lukewarm” Christians for any of your readers not “ON FIRE” for the Lord… Would also like your thoughts or comments on the post… I wrapped up over 20 of these with a personal handwritten letter to family (who I can’t take to about my faith), friends, neighbors, and church members … [It was printed out in a Word Doc] Most are Catholic, and I got 3 of them back so far…

    Blessings in Christ, bruce


    P.S. I would email out this Word Doc to anyone who wants a copy… Just change my name to yours and your cell phone number, if you hand them out, if they have any questions… I put it in a binder with a clear front cover, and all I asked them to do was lay it out in their home, and wait till God draws them in…John 6:44…

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  2. You’re pretty brave to have written this. We all know how conservatives turned on John McCain when he did the right thing and stuck up for Obama’s character. It was the beginning of the rabid right which in turn seem to give way to the rabid left.
    I’ve busted your chops quite a bit but this puts you up a couple notches on you deserving my respect.

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  3. Howdy pastor, very well said. Love this: “Times like these are made for The Good News of God’s Kingdom. In all this darkness–it’s really great to know The Light–and to have The Light living in the hearts of those who truly are Christians.”


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