There Is No Quick Fix

This is the last in my reflections of my recent medical emergency. If you haven’t read the first one, then click here.

When we are hurting–whether physically, emotionally, spiritually, mentally, or relationally–we want the pain to go away and go away quickly. And here is another lesson I have learned in my most recent episode:

The quick-fix rarely, if ever, works.

In my situation of my ruptured appendix, Dilaudid made the pain quickly go away. And for a little bit the quick-fix solved my problem with pain. But guess what? The effects of Dilaudid wore off and the pain returned. Other than making me feel comfortable, the Quick-Fix did nothing to solve the real problem. Can you make the connection here?

In case you did not, allow me to explain. There are things that will help us numb the pain but cannot treat the real condition causing our pain. It’s not just in the realm of physical pain–but all other forms of pain. For example, holding a grudge against someone who wounded you deeply can hide the pain momentarily–but the pain returns. Trust me on this one; I personally know about holding grudges–it won’t heal the pain.

There are a lot of ways–chemical, emotional, and mental–to numb the pain. Yet they fail to heal the cause of our pain. This is why we turn to God in times of pain. God doesn’t offer us a quick-fix–but He does offer us wholeness. And sometimes, wholeness requires both time and a process. In the case of my ruptured appendix, they did not immediately remove that vile and evil beast. To have done so would have exposed my entire body with poisonous toxins that would have put me in further danger. By treating the poisons in me first, it decreases the probability of further complications when they will remove my appendix.

Next Wednesday I revisit my doctor. Hopefully he will tell me when they will schedule surgery to remove my appendix. Doctors have helped me understand why I need to wait–and I trust their knowledge and skills. And you can trust the knowledge and skills of the Great Physician to restore your whole health–spiritually, emotionally, mentally and relationally. You can trust Him because He created you–and offered you redemption through His Marvelous Grace. God doesn’t offer us a day-trip with a quick-fix. He offers us a journey–filled with His more than sufficient Grace–and His Presence to help us when we can’t help ourselves.

7 thoughts on “There Is No Quick Fix

    1. Julie, the surgeon told me that immediate removal increases the risk of sepsis and antibiotic treatment reduces the risk. I go next week to see my doctor there and hopefully get to that final step. Thanks for your prayers!

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  1. Glad to hear you are recovering. Coincidentally, my appendix ruptured in early in May. I puzzled over this sensitive spot on my abdomen for a couple of days, mildly concerned. I know where the appendix is located, and that was the spot. When the sensitivity did not go away, I visited my doctor. After a CT-Scan showed a ruptured appendix, I was in the hospital for a couple of days and spent some time on antibiotics.

    I joked I had asymptomatic appendicitis, and I was not even contagious. God help us if that ever becomes contagious.

    Anyway, it sounds like I got lucky and got to the hospital before the infection exploded. Even so I am kind of surprised they did not operate, but I guess once your appendix ruptures they want you to heal up first. They want to remove the poison, not spread it. As you have written, that’s a good philosophy for life.

    Praying for you. God bless.


  2. I am pleased you are on the mend and very grateful that the Lord has seen fit to keep you around a bit longer. You have written some great stuff and made some wise and useful analogies. I think I like your reference to poison and drains the best. It is just like that in the natural, but it is just like that in the spiritual and emotional too. We have to renew our minds, flush our drains, let the Lord wash us, much like saline washes us out.

    I’ll be lifting you up in prayer, asking the Lord to send speedy healing, wise doctors, and peace and comfort for all involved.

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