Outcomes Matter, But Not Intentions–Throw It Out There Thursday 5 March 2020

Intentions will hide the truth; but Outcomes will always reveal the truth

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(This is NOT a political post, though it addresses politics and other matters. I remind you that if you cannot think for yourself, or respect a person who has different views than you, then Reader Discretion is advised. Any resemblance to any political party or theological view past or present, is strictly coincidental. After all, it’s not my “intention” to offend you.)

Ever since the final results of the 2016 election were announced, there has been a movement by a group that shall remain nameless, to undo the results, and are even attempting to change our current form of government that they consider unfair because their candidate didn’t win. By the way, it’s a process that has served this nation well since 1804. Then this unnamed political movement attempted to unseat the winner of the 2016 election with an impeachment movement. Since November 2016, this unnamed political party has espoused nothing but disdain and hatred for the POTUS. All this hate against one person has created a culture of hated and disrespect. Here’s a couple of examples.

February 10, 2020 Gregory Timm drove his van into a voters registration tent in Jacksonville, Florida because of hate. Mr. Timm had no regard for the safety or life of these volunteers who were simply exercising their constitutionally guaranteed right. His hatred for the POTUS turned toward people engaging in our Democratic Republic. Hate consumed Mr. Timm.

Then on February 28, 2020 Denver, Colorado Councilwoman Candi CdeBaca declared that if she ever contracted the Coronavirus she would attend every Trump Rally. Deep is the hate that would cause Councilwoman CdeBaca to want to infect people–mothers, fathers, children–with the Coronavirus because they have a different political view. Really Councilwoman CdeBaca? You want the Coronavirus to spread even further?

The outcome of “not my president” and “impeach Trump” is that people desire to harm, even kill anyone who doesn’t agree with them. At one time this unnamed political party cared about all people. Now this unnamed political party only cares about those who agree with them. This unnamed political party has created an outcome with the environment of hate.

Now, those of you who support that unnamed political party will vehemently disagree with me. You will tell me, “We didn’t produce this outcome of hate and disregard of human life because that wasn’t our intention. Our intention was to make our nation stronger and better.” Well, guess what Snowflake–Intentions are NOT the same as outcomes. If I offended anyone by calling you a Snowflake, that wasn’t my INTENTION. Don’t blame me or say I’m being divisive or ugly. Remember, that’s not my INTENTION.

You see, your beliefs and your attitudes about your beliefs regardless of your intentions produces OUTCOMES. Those Outcomes then take on a life of their own. Think of those Outcomes as making a snowball at the top of a peak overlooking a town. You wonder how big that snowball would get if you rolled it down that slope. Then you roll that snowball and it begins moving down the slope. It gets bigger and bigger and obliterates the town below. Don’t act surprised that your little snowball destroyed that town. You didn’t INTEND to destroy that town. But the Outcome remains–you were responsible.

Intentions will hide the truth; but Outcomes will always reveal the truth.

So, in the future, don’t think about your intentions, because the road to hell is well paved with intentions. Think about OUTCOMES. Outcomes requires that you look beyond the immediate–beyond what you want–beyond what others tell you what you want. Intentions won’t change the direction of our great, but sinking nation. By working together on a set of Outcomes that shows respect and dignity for everyone we can see real culture change. Outcomes that will build people up–not run over them with a van or wish they had the Coronavirus are what we need.

5 thoughts on “Outcomes Matter, But Not Intentions–Throw It Out There Thursday 5 March 2020

  1. On behalf of all things ironic, thank you for letting us al know where the blame falls.
    Is cognitive dissonance a must in order to follow your god? Or is that a personal choice?


    1. He is not my god. He is the God of all creation, and I follow Him as a choice, the result of one of the gifts He give to everyone–free will. This post is a mixture of writing methods. I could have come straight out and said the the Outcomes of the unnamed (and named that party) political party actions have created a culture of anger and hate–that unless you agree with them your life is worthless. Their intentions to create a better society hasn’t produced anything worthwhile. Can anyone, with a decent amount of reasoning ability, deny the outcomes? I think not…and thanks for reading. Haven’t heard from you in a while.


      1. I find you’re slightly over exaggerating, but you’re entitled to your opinion Randy, as all people are. Some people are even entitled to their own facts, they call them alternative facts. It’s rather interesting, we live in a time when both religion and politics are doing their best to prove that the truth is not subjective while saying the opposite. It finally shows the truth of biblical law, which is, that the law is only something to be manipulated to suit ones beliefs. It stands to reason I guess that this is the reason why most christians believe that Jesus Christ can be manipulated with the bible. Just like grifters can manipulate the judicial law to grift.
        It’s pretty crazy out there Randy, stay sober.
        A better society starts with you and I Randy, not some political party or government system. You should know better for a guy who rightfully preaches about taking responsibility for oneself from time to time.


        1. Indeed, Stephen–on this we agree–that people manipulate Jesus to suit their own theology and needs. And when one doesn’t embrace the Jesus revealed in Scripture (without our commentary) the OUTCOMES are dangerous…


          1. I get the feeling Randy that we probably agree on a lot of things pertaining to Jesus Christ. I base this On having read a few of your blog entries.
            May the Grace of Jesus continue to motivate you.


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