What If?

Normally (I know that’s a word that doesn’t always fit how I think) I would tell people, “Don’t let “WHAT IF” to control your thinking. What If thinking can be quite the demon. But early this morning, I had an epiphany–that there is something to say FOR the WHAT IF thinking. So here goes:

What if there is a person today who us contemplating suicide, that permanent solution to a temporary problem?

What if there is a person today who is planning to break their marriage vows?

What if there is a person today who is addicted to ‘whatever’ that sincerely believes there is no way out for them?

What if there is a person today who is convinced that all those who told them they are nothing but a failure are right?

What if there is a person today who just received an eviction notice and has no where to turn for help?

What if there is a person today thinking about the loss of a spouse, and child; and this is the first Christmas Season they are facing without that loved one?

What if there is a person today there is a business person contemplating “fudging” on the specs, or worse, “fudging” on the law?

What if there is a person today there is a person who realizes they have the perfect moment to exact revenge on another person?

And what if God has engineered a set of circumstances that places them in your day? What if you have the moment that will change their day, even their life? What will you do?

2 thoughts on “What If?

  1. Hmmm, it’s like you’re describing my neighbourhood!

    I ask myself a variation of this question every day.

    “Who has God placed before me, and how can I best love them, right now?”

    I do not have to look very hard before I find more opportunities than I can handle.

    So to answer your question, “What will you do?”, I guess my answer is “Be Christ to them”.

    Meet them where they are. See them as someone whom Christ gave his life for, worthy of dignity and respect. Treat them as such, regardless of their circumstances. Out of love and respect for them, I will be honest with them and tell them the truth. The people who are thinking about doing something stupid (like criminal or immoral stuff) need to hear a dose of the Law. How their acts will hurt themselves and others. The consequences if they are caught. I might attempt to hold them to accountability if I have the influence to do so.

    But those who are operating from a place of despair need to hear a very different message. They need to hear the Gospel of grace and hope and mercy. If I can offer a hand to help lift them out of where they are, I will.

    That would be my “ideal” approach – but of course, in real life it often doesn’t shake down that way. In real life, very often the best I can offer is a sympathetic ear and a few feeble words of encouragement. People are complicated, and these types of things are rarely resolved in a single conversation/interaction, which is often all you’re going to get.

    I have to trust that no matter how poor a representative of Christ I may be, God is able to use it for good. There’s always a temptation to want to see the “results” of our works, but God would have us trust the “process” and leave the results to Him.

    I live smack dab in the middle of a high crime/high poverty community. The moment I step out my door I am confronted by need all around me. So I have given a lot of thought to this idea of “how can I best serve another, right now, in this moment”. I’ve come up with a set of parameters that guide my interactions, but it basically boils down to “make the most of the moment you are given” and then put it in God’s hands.

    My goodness, I’m chatty today! Thanks for indulging me ☺️

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    1. Wow! Thanks the answer I was praying for…and I know Daddy of Heaven is so very well pleased with your response. I love that part about just do it and leave the results to God. NONE of us will ever know our impact until THAT DAY when we stand in HIS presence, covered by the righteousness of Jesus! Now, I’m getting chatty!

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