Here’s something to think about. . .I will call this our Call To Arms as citizens of God’s Kingdom!

Walking Beside the Boat

It is Black Friday, and I am pondering our blind pursuit of things.

One of the greatest moral blots on the United States of America is the trafficking in, and abuse of, slaves. Whether we are speaking of the African and Islanders, the permanently indentured Irish and Chinese or the subjugated Native Americans, the practice was (and is) deplorable. Slavery, like divorce, is a sinful practice permitted by God only for the purposes of regulation. (Since it was going to happen, God placed rules on it.)  

Men and women with spiritual and societal insight saw the evils of the system of slavery and did what they could to reverse it or at least mitigate its harm. One of the most powerfulassaults on that system was the creation of a society of freedmen. These former slaves, released from bondage throughmanumission (being freed as an individual by an individual) oremancipation(being freed as a group), stood witness…

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