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I am sick and tired. . .tired and sick. . .and sick and tired of all this unrelenting caterwauling that is happening. No. . . not in Washington D.C.; rather the incessant caterwauling ABOUT what’s happening in D.C. And I’m NOT referring to newscasters or political underlings. I’m talking about. . . NO! I’m talking TO those who profess Jesus as Lord and Savior.

The social cannonade that covers Social Media by those who say that Jesus Reigns but . . . are quibbling with others about this cauldron of toxicity and sewage. By the way. . . am I the only one who has notice that “Social” Media is actually “Unsociable Media”? Here’s all I have to say to Jesus followers who engage is such characterless dribble:

Oh, and those pusillanimous recreants who are saying “Well, this just goes to show that Jesus is about to return. Come, Lord Jesus, come and take me away!” I refer to them as Calgon Christians–remember those commercials? “Take me away, Calgon.” As if that’s the answer! Bejeezus, folks; where’s your fortitude? Don’t you realize that if Jesus does come today that billions of people will NOT be ready for that moment? Where’s your compassion, your heart like Jesus? Geez. . .

Come on people, think about it. What has all this pestiferous arguing achieved? I mean, what does “How can you be a Christian and vote democrat?” or “How can you be a Christian and vote republican?” produced? Has anyone really said to you, “Oh, thank you for reminding of that. Yes, I’ll change my political party immediately. Bless you my child for you have delivered me!” Nope! Ain’t happening! Here’s what I say about all that mindset:

In crisis moments, sometimes we to need to STAND UP AND FIGHT! But this, my flummoxed sojourners, IS NOT THE TIME TO STAND UP AND FIGHT. May I suggest a different tactic? Would you just love to see the pundits speechless? Would you love to see them stop and question what’s happening. . .even to entertain the possibility that there needs to be a change in how they visage the current dubbing?

What if. . . I mean we are getting nowhere fast with these current proclivities. . . WHAT IF, we who are Citizens Of The Kingdom Of God stopped all this frenzied panic and refused to engage in this debate? Oh, I just heard someone think: “Well, just what in Heaven’s name should be do? If we don’t speak out who will?” (he-he-he–I’m giggling inside with that question!) Speaking out has’t worked. What if . . .

WHAT IF we make the Choice to Be Calm? What? Did someone just ask me to prove that’s what the Bible says? OK, buttercup, I’ll give you what the Bible says about how to respond to our culture. . . any culture: (remember, you asked for it)

Don’t copy the behavior and customs of this world, but let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think. Then you will learn to know God’s will for you, which is good and pleasing and perfect.

Romans 12:2 (NLT)

Answer me this: Is the current behavior and customs of this culture Calm? Would you LIKE to see things calm down in D.C.? How about seeing our whole nation become CALM? Then, YOU BECOME CALM! Refuse to engage in ANY political drivel. Stop equating political parties with saving our nation. Stop the name calling and belittling of others. Return to the earliest and most powerful affirmation of faith in the church: JESUS IS LORD. If HE isn’t in panic mode (by the way, God never panics), then why iterate the emotional mush being passed off as forward thinking. After all. . . that’s the source of the chaos, anger and confusion.

Walk away from it and become the model of Calm. Who knows, maybe that will change someone’s heart, mind and life. At the very least, it will drive them nuts. In my book, that’s a win-win. So . . . love Jesus with all your heart. Love others the way Jesus loves you. And make sure all the glory goes to HIM! Oh, one more thought:

5 thoughts on “IT’S TIME TO STAND UP AND. . .BE CALM!

  1. I wonder… Have you seen the Ellen Degeneres (is that even how she spells it?) and George Bush story? What do you think? Is she on to something here?

    I find Ellen to be extremely likeable. But by far, most of what I hear her espouse (which isnt that much since I don’t actually listen to her very much), I disagree with. Some of it quite powefully.

    Still, I find her likeable.

    And apparently GW does too. Yet it’s Ellen I hear from about it.

    Actually, I think about W’s daddy making friends of his former political opponent, and the guy he lost the presidency to, Bill Clinton. Talk about another likable guy I disagree with on a number of things! So, this is not a first for the Bush’s, actually.

    But the real point, if I understand Ellen, is to be KIND and even LIKE people. It follows that we might enjoy them, enjoy their company, even though we disagree with them.

    Look. I am not gay, but I have gay friends. I don’t preach at them either. Nor do I join them in bed to prove my love. But I must say I am a huge fan of Freddie Mercury and Elton John, though I have no idea whether I would like either one personally – maybe not. Nor do I approve of their lifestyle.

    but then I need a little guidance on some things which seem to come up as we consider this stuff… such as Halloween.

    As Christian, should I celebrate Halloween? I mean, Nov 1 is a Christian holiday, but Hallow’s Eve has been completely hijacked by the pagans and ghosts and demons. Right?

    I recall as a kid going to Halloween parties AT CHURCH! We had a lot of innocent fun with it. Didn’t we??? In act, I am sure we had a few witch costumes there, and maybe even a vampire or two, but mostly clowns and so forth. When I was young, my fav costume was Evel Kneival. But the little Kmart outfit they sold every year had all the people I trickortreated asking if I was a spaceman. Point being, neither of those options were “demonic” in nature. So, celebrating demons, if it happened, was incidental and NOT part of the heartfelt intention.

    But of course the road to hell is paved with good intensions. And I cant help but think that St Paul tells us it is okay to eat meat offered to idols UNLESS a weaker brother takes offense in it. So now I have a whole new dimension to all this. What about my weaker brothers watching me celebrate Halloween? Doesn’t the same principle apply? Not to mention, the holiday actually is pretty much completely hijacked.

    Point to all that being, to get back to my original reaction to your original post, if I am being KIND and enjoying people I disagree with so much, how to I delineate my love or the sinner from the hate of the sin?

    And anyway, if we all really were on a proverbial sinking ship and loading onto lifeboats, then someone must take charge, and if that person taking charge is throwing all the rations overboarrd to make room for people freezing to death in the water, then we have a dilemma. We either starve to death to save corpses or we save the food and turn our backs on the dying. And we can’t do both. So if you have a conviction one way and the leader has it the other, then are you going to challenge her or get out of the boat?

    Of course I am over symplifying. Of course, but these matters are so complex and so controversial that you have to grab a handle somewhere and start holding on. And this is my way of doing that in a comment on a blog.

    Is Ellen right? Should I be firends with her too? And if I am, does that suggest to weaker brothers that I am in agreement with her? Does it actually support her ideas with which I disagree? Shouldnt we be heading North instead of South? And If I just roll with her, arent we heading South???

    I find her very likable.

    But that is how the devil has worked on me before too. Both likable and unlikeable. He takes both strategies.

    I will say this.

    I did not vote for Trump. I don’t like him. I cannot defend anything about him. And I think he is quite dangerous.

    I did not vote for Hillary. I didnt like her. I cannot defend hardly anything about her. And I think she would have been dangerous.

    I have family and friends who LOVE Trump. I have some who found him to be the lesser of two evils. Some of these folx I can hardly talk with anymore. Some, a few, a very few, seem to respect me while disagreeing with me.

    But I think even I am divided in the middle of ME.


    Keep calm…


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    1. Wow! Well, X, to answer one question about liking others who are gay and what about how young believers would see that–you explain to that young believer that you are doing the same thing Jesus did–you model grace and truth. Truth is God’s word–grace is God’s love. Oh, about Ellen and W–I think that was absolutely great! And the fact SHE did it, well, if W had done it first, HE would have been called grandstanding–but because SHE brought it out, more are willing to hear that message.

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      1. I recognize this could be from my lack of paying attention, but I have been wondering why we dont hear about this from W. I have quite the other view, that MAYBE some folx who really NEED to hear this message NEED to hear it from him.

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        1. Well, my take is that if W released it, it would either be considered grandstanding–but more than likely ignored. Helen isn’t ignored, so tactically, it was better for her to release it. Just My Humble Opinion

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