The Toxic Sludge Of The U.S. Church

Reactions are not only ripping apart my Tribe, but it’s ripping apart this once great nation.

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(Pic from of Romanian church swallowed by toxic sludge)

I am going to be careful not to mention groups based on ideologies or theologies. This is not about conservatives or liberals; progressives or orthodox. Dear Lord in heaven, there’s been enough of that–actually too much of that. Therefore, be it known unto all, whether earthly or in the spiritual realm, that I am not blaming, accusing, or naming any person or group as being the cause of the toxic sludge that is consuming the U.S. church, and in particular, the United Methodist Church. This being declared and verified (soon I will be a notary public so I’ll consider this my first unofficial notarization) of my own free will.

After carefully reading a recent post by Shane Bishop (click here to read “Know What You Are Going To Do”) a realization that had been on the edges of my mind came into clear focus. The problem in my Tribe, and in the U.S. church as a whole, is that we have become a culture that values REACTION over RESPONSE. Let’s see if I can describe the difference between what is toxic and what is healthy.

Response is the result of careful thought, reflection, and honest conversation about the facts at hand and what to do with those facts. Response is always controlled because it contains that essential element of time. Response is sometimes easy to calculate–but more often than not it requires a lot of time…I mean a lot of time. Response is about the true issue, not human personalities, and not about human beings or groups. Response reflects both courage and compassion; conviction and kindness.

Reaction is what happens without much if any prompting. We sometimes call it “gut-reaction” or “knee-jerk reactions”. Personally, it’s more like the second description, minus the word “knee”. Reactions seldom if ever require much thought or preparation. It reminds me of that day in chemistry lab storage area at the high school I attended. Someone found a container of sodium metal and showed a few of us what would happen when it was exposed to water. He extracted a small amount and threw it out the window when it was raining. (Click here for a YouTube about that chemical reaction, and no, that wasn’t us). When we got bored, which was frequently, and it was raining, we did that experiment again and again. Someone, I won’t say who, decided it would be fun to throw a big chunk of it and flush it down a commode. Somehow that bottle of sodium metal was removed from the lab never to be seen again, and thus, an end to our “experiments”. Let’s get serious again.

That chemical Reaction produced produced hazardous results. When we React to each other, the Reaction is even more hazardous. It is dangerous and damages–damages relationships, people, communities and systems–when Reaction becomes our response to the myriad of issues facing the U.S. Church. Sometimes in the realm of science reactions get out of control and the results are…..does anyone remember the place called Chernobyl? Reactions to what is going on in my Tribe are quickly becoming another Chernobyl. Soon the name of my Tribe will become synonymous with Chernobyl and it will be as empty and vacant as Chernobyl is today. And as I reflect. . . and think lovingly about my Tribe. . . I silently wonder if it’s not too late. . .I pray it’s not so. . .but. . .

Reactions are not only ripping apart my Tribe, but it’s ripping apart this once great nation. It’s on both sides of the aisle in Washington D.C., it’s even permeating Main Street, Small Town, America. Let’s see if I can put down my Response to all these Reactions in my Tribe and nation. I want to express my Response in way that you will feel the passion and intensity that is in me:


Randy Burbank, KingdomPastor

I think that the use of Bold and All Caps is how one does that nowadays. Shane Bishop is on target with his thoughts; and his questions are worth pondering. . .for a long and serious time. Reactions accomplish nothing–but destructive explosions. Remember what happens during extended and uncontrolled reactions: CHERNOBYL!

And still . . . love God with all your heart. Love others the way Jesus loves you. And make sure all the glory goes to Him. And stop reacting to everything. . . and anything. . .

5 thoughts on “The Toxic Sludge Of The U.S. Church

  1. We are children of God and we need to act like it! I love the phrase WHAT WOULD JESUS DO? He would continue to preach the good news, heal the sick and be about His and Our Fathers business! Right now I am praying for young children that has a high risk of death from the type cancer they have! Is anything any worse than that? We need to be kneeling at the altar seeking God with all our hearts and the devil will flee! May God have mercy on us and get busy doing WWJD! I love you all but for heaven sakes recognize satan at work! We gotta be doing something right or else satan would not be fighting so hard!

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  2. When I was in college the guy in the apartment next to mine had a stopped up commode. Not to worry…His mom had loaned him her spanking new Electrolux vacuum cleaner. Wayne reasoned that he could dislodge the clog by switching the vacuum’s hose to the blower end of the Electrolux. Then…he shoved the hose into the caldera of the potty with the flexible furniture brush affixed to the business end of the hose to help create an air tight seal. He positioned himself close to the center of the action so that he could provide enough muscle to maintain a tight seal as he switched on the high speed afterburners. Everyone in the building heard the deep growling of the plumbing. We heard the eruption that rang church bells in New York and Boston. The whole apartment complex charged into Wayne’s apartment. Wayne had indeed cleared the clog. But he was completely covered to with what he dislodged from the sewer pipe. He finally got himself clean, but the stench from the whole operation lingered in the complex until it was demolished and a Taco Bell was built on the ruins. Wayne says the experience left him with a bad taste in his mouth to this day.

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