If We Could Just Get Rid Of……

They have sold their spiritual birthright for a bowl of political party.

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Like a geyser spewing the contents from a septic tank. Like an active volcano of toxic waste. Like a tornado of ignorance. Like a hurricane of thoughtless thoughts. Like a tsunami of stupidity. All happening simultaneously at the same location.

This is more than how I would describe our nation–it is the daily, 24/7 365 days of the year reality of our nation. My choice of words does not make this true about this nation. Simply put (and I realize what a difficult time many have with the “simple”), it is the Truth about the good old U.S. of A.

It’s why I rarely watch the news. I neither want to be affected or infected by this virulent, noxious, venomous, baneful, pernicious, ruinous, pestiferous, nefarious. . .(trying to think of a word that can be said by children). . .mindset that is eroding our culture. And it seems to me at least, that no one wants to stop it.

This mindset I’m talking about is this title: “If we could just get rid of…… then our problems would be solved.” Get rid of Trump. Get rid of McConnell. Get rid of Pelosi. Get rid of Omar. Get rid of AOC. Get the Republicans out of office. Get the Democrats out of office. More and more malodorous anger, hate and bitterness–towards another person.

Look, I know each of these persons I mentioned (and a whole lot more) have and continue to contribute to this nidorous mess that is undermining the hearts of minds of…..people. It is easy, too easy, to lay the blame at the feet of this person or that person; of this group or that group. But that is not the source of our problems–it’s just the symptoms of what’s gone tragically wrong.

The Blame, as it is, lies at the feet of 3 Groups. These groups are NOT, I REPEAT, NOT Democrat, Republican, and Socialist. Here they are:

1. Accept The Lies

This group of people have accepted leadership that freely espouses lies in the garments of truth. They never demand their leaders to be truthful. They have resigned that leaders lie and that’s just the way it is. In his powerful book How Do You Kill Eleven Million People?, Andy Andrews gives the right answer: You lie. For liars to rule, they have to be empowered by those who are willing to be led by liars. This includes those who vote for them; as well as those who do not vote at all.

2. Don’t Think For Yourself

This group rarely, if ever, takes the time and energy to analyze what is being purported as Truth. They simply hear someone that speaks to their feelings and accept it as truth. They allow the polls, the newscasters, the news networks (even local) to determine who needs to be elected to leadership. And then those elected leaders, present falsehood as truth, so the lemmings believe them. They have sold their spiritual birthright for a bowl of political party. Careful thought and analysis requires time and energy. Above all, it requires us to entertain the thought that we may be wrong; then work to see if we are wrong.

3. The Surrendered & Resigned

This group is just what the title says: They Have Surrendered And They Have Resigned Themselves That It Is What It Is. There really is no sense of despair in most of the folks in this group; a few feel despair but not the majority. They simply have no hope for real change. They have accepted that the mush they are being fed is their only choice. And for those in this group who attend church? “Come, Lord Jesus and end this mess so I can live happily ever after in Your Presence.”

So, how can this mess be transformed into The Message of Hope? It’s simple–really simple. Start with yourself. Become a person of Truth. This means that you allow The Truth to change YOU before you accuse others of lying. Do not accept leaders who lie. Demand from your leaders truthfulness. And when elections come around, don’t let another person or group tell you how you need to vote. Find that honest woman or man and encourage others to vote for them, too.

And don’t fall into the trap, “Well, politics just takes an honest person and makes them dishonest.” If a politician is dishonest while serving in office, it simply means they were dishonest BEFORE they were elected. Break this cycle of lunacy and madness. Claim your spiritual birthright as a part of the Movement that changes everything, even politics. Oh, this Movement is called “The Kingdom of God”!

6 thoughts on “If We Could Just Get Rid Of……

  1. By the way, I am really sensing that it is time for leaders in the faith to begin talking about battles in flesh and blood vs principalities and powers. The ONLY sign I have seen in the last decade which even questions my concern that our nation is boiling and might well burst into civil war a second time was Tom Brokaw’s documentary a year or two back where he claims that 1968 was a more divisive year for Americans than what we have going on now. He was alive then, covering the news, a small town boy from Nebraska with values and sensibilities not too different from mine, so I give him some credibility.

    No doubt America emerged from the sixties scathed, but not in all out war with itself.

    We are the demon possessed man in the tombs. Ask us our name! We are LEGION.

    If we want to be clothed, sitting and in our right mind, it begins when we go RUNNING to the boat and fall down before Jesus in all out worship. Sounds nuts, I know, but I have read this stuff somewhere.

    That, though, is not happening, as your post here can attest.

    Thus, except for the Brokaw contribution, I see no signs of slowing as we (with Ozzy) go off the rails on a crazy train.. In my view, the tiki torches, SOME of the mass shootings, and even our late night commedians are all firing off warning shots in a battle that is starting to spill more and more human blood as it pits brother against brother.

    There is still time for the church to get in front of this. Probably not to stop it, but to get in front of it and lead this nation out the other side (assuming China or Russia doesn’t step in and do that for us). Lipscomb is a good example for us. He went through it and saw the carnage first hand and preached against it AND put his life on the line to serve God IN IT.

    Thanx for the post!

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    1. Indeed X. In human wars there are casualties that result from “friendly fire”. We need to have courses in “Enemy Identification”. It’s not people–but The Accuser! Perhaps the cartoon character Pogo was right: “I have met the enemy and he is us.” (I think I’ve attributed that quote to the right source!)


  2. Our battle is not against flesh and blood…

    btw, I don’t expect you to know about this bit of history, but I encourage you to look into this hero of the faith…

    I come from the churches of Christ, a part of the American Restoration Movement. We are a small fish in the big sea of Protestant American church or even Evangelicals, but we have a stubborn and persistent presence (and contribution – to both problems and solutions).

    You might have heard of Lipscomb University in Nashville, TN. Ever look into the man whose name they took? David Lipscomb.

    He was a prophet of God during the American Civil War. It is rumored that Nathan Bedford Forest (founder of the KKK) sent a spy to hear Lipscomb preach once to determine whether Lipscomb supported the North or the South. The spy reportedly reported back that he did not know if Lipscomb was for the North or for the South, but he certainly stood with Jesus.

    Lipscomb Univ. Stands on the site that once was Lipscomb’s farm. The Battle of Nashville was fought there, starting on one end and ending on the other.

    Lipscomb, reportedly, stayed home during the fight. Not participating in the killing, but in nursing the injured.

    Hero of the faith.

    David Lipscomb.

    Worth knowing that name.

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