Powerfully Beautiful, Beautifully Powerful

So, let’s disagree. Let’s hold to our positions with the vigor they deserve. Let’s be passionate. Let’s speak truth. But let’s also be humble. Let us love. And in this divorce of the United Methodist Church, let us love one another well.

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Well, our Special General Conference is over, and for most of us, it leaves us with more questions than answers. Sadly, much hatred has been vomited out upon people. Maybe it’s because I’m an Orthodox-Kingdom-Believing-Follower-And Pastor, I feel like I, and like-hearted people have had the most projectile vomiting spewed out on us by those who consider themselves progressive-forward thinking-people-in-the-name-of-love-and-grace kind of people.

And there is much I wanted to say on Tuesday–because so much hateful words were projected onto me. I was hurt and wounded by the Tribe I have been a part of all my life–and I was angry. But The Spirit would not allow me to write what I was feeling. Probably because it would have been my own projectile vomiting towards progressives. (See, I did learn from my mistake last year!)

I promised I would speak to this event, and I am now ready. But not with my own words–but the words of someone much younger, and probably wiser than I was Tuesday. Below is the link to his blog. His name is Jesse Tosten. I don’t know him personally, but I want to get to know him.


Remember, love God with all your heart. Love others the way Jesus loves you. And make sure all the glory goes to Him!

3 thoughts on “Powerfully Beautiful, Beautifully Powerful

  1. One thing is missing from the post you linked to. There is no reference to what the Bible says about the subject. As long as people discuss their opinions there will be disagreement. If everyone involved would study what the Bible says and follow it rather than there own preferences there would be no question about whether same sex marriage is right or wrong.

    This isn’t the only issue where the Methodist Church has departed from the Bible. The author states that he was once part of a group of clergy who met monthly with their Bishop. He reveals that the Bishop was a woman. Paul’s letters to Timothy and Titus give the requirements for spiritual leaders and it is clear that only men can hold positions of leadership in the church. The real problem with the Methodist Church is that it no longer recognizes the supreme authority of the Bible. It’s stand on homosexuality and other issues is merely a result of this failure.


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