Mysteries Of The Universe #1

I’ve decided to share some of my random thoughts about Mysteries Of The Universe. I will be sharing them as I think about them or as I experience them. They are in no particular order of importance….well maybe except for this first one. If you can explain this mystery to me in a plausible way, please share in the comments. But…if you have some implausible way to explain it, share that, too. Sometimes the best explanation is the implausible one…..(remember that Cross?)

2 thoughts on “Mysteries Of The Universe #1

  1. I have finally come to the place where I no longer believe in common sense in the traditional understanding. I think 100 years ago, and before, this would be a no brainer. The majority of men all had the same core belief system.
    But I’ve been a police officer and a minister for years and have the displeasure of seeing mankind at their worst. For example, the “common man” would say “don’t take a knife and attempt to cut your own throat.” This seems pretty straight forward…right? I thought so too. Until I came across a woman who was trying to do just that when I came through the door. Or the woman who decided to cut her wrists, or the next one who jumped out of a window and did not die. Even dozens of teenagers who take razors and cut their arms, legs, and various other parts. I asked them why they were doing these acts of self harm. They said it was what made “sense” to them because of all of the pain in their lives. So we have to chalk this up to either these people not being “common,” or common has now changed its definition. So I went on a search for truth, instead of common sense. I no longer try to hold others to my view of this truth. After all, truth is never on my side. It stands all by itself, and I can take the side of truth, or not.
    That all being said, I think there is a day coming when common sense will once again be about the kingdom, not the things of the earth. But in order for this to happen, the church has to find unity in spirit, not doctrine.

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