The Myth of Neutrality (#OneChurchPlanMyths #UMC)

For my United Methodist friends. A well written piece for us. And for anyone who thinks one can remain nuetral and still faithfully follow Jesus..

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The people called Methodists are feeling the pressure right now. We are just over a month away from a special session of General Conference called to settle our decades-long conflict over the matter of human sexuality. Folks familiar with this conflict likely already know that a proposal known as the “One Church Plan” is being promoted with vigor by a number of bishops and a group known as the “Uniting Methodists.” In fact, the so-called One Church Plan is said to have the support of a majority of bishops, which is unsurprising, though the exact number of that majority is unclear.

Among other things, this plan would remove the current restrictions on UMC clergy and churches from blessing same-sex unions. It would change the definition of marriage from the union of one man and one woman to the union of two persons. It also provides protections for clergy who choose…

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2 thoughts on “The Myth of Neutrality (#OneChurchPlanMyths #UMC)

  1. Been praying for the Methodists, Pastor Randy! People don’t understand how much this conflict has trickled down, what a huge problem it is, how profound the impact on our faith really is.

    Something that sits in the back of my mind,we’re trying to accommodate or make happy such a tiny, tiny minority, at the expense of a much greater majority, at the expense of tradition, of future relationships, of unity within the body of Christ as a whole. Where I live we already have several affirming same sex marriage churches, the Methodists and Presbyterians among them. So what has happened is this huge schism, churches not working together for the good of the community because we’re so divided, young people leaving the church because they don’t know what we stand for.

    I myself look at our record breaking meth and heroin epidemic, poverty, broken people everywhere, and I look to the church for answers, for hope, and all I can see is this raging debate over how we need to affirm gay marriage so a tiny handful of people will feel validated. It tends to make me doubt the church, to question our purpose in the community, in the world even. I actually feel the same way about the “,let’s just spend all our time raging about homosexuality” church.

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