All Churched Up

Mike tells a story of his life that reflects the story of so many lives today. I have seen much of my story in his….be ready to see yourself and to see Jesus!

New Hope for Dry Bones

I have gone to church as long as I can remember. I recall hot summer nights lying on a church pew while my mom waved an old cardboard fan with a giant Popsicle stick handle. It had a pretty picture on one side and funeral home advertisement on the other. That was air conditioning in those days.

As I grew up I had a lot of experiences in church. I learned the bible by being in Sunday School every week. I have to tell you that when I say every week I am not exaggerating in the least. My family was in church nearly every single Sunday, twice. We were there nearly every Wednesday night. We even went to church on vacation.

I remember many times walking into a strange church on a Sunday morning in Colorado or whatever state we were visiting. To be honest, as a kid I…

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