His Greatest Fear Came True : The Government Stole Him

How sad that those with mental illness are still being treated different than say someone with cancer…Let’s pray and WORK together so that people with mental illness are treated no different than those with other diseases…

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“Why did you do this? Now they are going to kill me” Those were my sons last words as he was escorted from his Grandma & Grandpas by the Port St. Lucie Police Force in the early morning hours of December 6th, 2017. Every fear he had imagined over the past few weeks had just came true, the government stole him.

The following week he whispered into the phone “If I disappear mom, I didn’t kill myself” still convinced that the hospital staff was trying to poison him and that any minute the government was coming to kill him. His worst nightmare happened yet again, as police officers barged into the mental health facility he had be remanded too for trying to kill himself in jail, and ripped him out of a suicide observation room.

Now he sits in Port St. Lucie Jail in a Behavioral Unit on 23-24 hour…

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2 thoughts on “His Greatest Fear Came True : The Government Stole Him

  1. One of my greatest peeves that I continue to bang away at is our national inattention to the great repercussions of ignoring the unadulterated mental health crisis we have in not only this country but the world. This is at the heart of EVERY SINGLE social problem and cultural dilemma in our society yet we seem to try and attack the individual issues alone. Gun violence/crime? Mental health. Suicides? Mental health. Workplace violence? Mental health. Veteran suicides? Mental health. Terrorism? Mental health. Random public shootings? Mental health. Gender/sexual identities? Mental health. Road rage? Mental health. Abusive marriages? Mental health. Sexual abuse in general? Mental health. The list goes on and on. But does any politician or president want to “declare war” on that social problem? Nope.

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