15 Things Growing Churches Understand (that dying churches do not)

Some great insights. Which one or ones speak to you the loudest? Please share in Comments. For me it’s #4, 13, and 14

Rev. Shane L. Bishop

I like Social Media. I really do. It is a huge wave.  We do well to learn to surf.  Over the course of a day I can keep up with huge numbers of people in the time it would take to complete a single phone call.  I also like the fact that people read my stuff and listen to my sermons while I am doing other things. Facebook Live has been an exponential game changer.  We can reach roughly ten to fifteen times any live audience simply by broadcasting.  I had a blog this year go well over 2.8 million reads.  This is all crazy cool.

There is a lot of stuff about church on Social Media.  A whole lot.  Some of it is really good.  A lot of it is terrible.  So, rather than respond individually to a hundred articles that I think are off base (some not even…

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One thought on “15 Things Growing Churches Understand (that dying churches do not)

  1. As a Presbyterian, I see where focus was on same sex marriages, ministry rather than focusing on spreading the gospel. The important dynamic here is that same sex was passed after instilling an atmosphere where conservatives left the church. Okay, where I’m going with this is now: this great church is suffering and suffering big time. You can witness a whole bunch of old guys with grey hair and that is about all that is left. These are great people but also a people without a vision. I like your list of 15. Great post.

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