Let’s Make a Deal, #UMC Style

As David opens this blog, I repeat: If you are not a United Methodist, this may be difficult to understand. But if you are a United Methodist who hasn’t had their head buried in the sand, this is worth reading and gives great insights to this “process” of finding a way forward…

David F. Watson

Warning: Lots of United Methodist insider talk in this post. If you are not United Methodist, you might find this all a bit confusing. In fact, I find it confusing myself

222b7-crossflameThe Commission on a Way Forward has presented an interim report to the Council of Bishops. The report is not particularly surprising, but it could be quite helpful nonetheless. In what follows I’ll make a few brief comments on the commission’s proposals.

Before I do, though, I want to thank the members of the commission. You have invested huge amounts of time, intellect, and emotional energy in this attempt to find a way through our current denominational impasse. I know your work is not over, but I’m grateful for your efforts in bringing us to this point.

The Three Sketches

A recent UMNS article describes sketches of three models:

  • One sketch of a model affirms the current Book of…

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