October 21 I’ve had radiation so I feel kinda zapped.

My friend, my Brother in Christ, my Fellow Warrior, Eddie Phillips​–another great read and insights. Here’s the one that has grabbed my heart and mind: “We must not seek people who make us feel safe but find those who can make us feel brave. That makes us all feel better.” In this season of my life, I am reaching out to those who will make me feel strong. Amazing, me, with just my aches and pains of being 61, is being taught so much by my Brother facing so much more. And I am feeling braver, that’s to Eddie! Love you, my Fellow Warrior!

My Journey Up The Mountain



Yesterday October 20 at 1:00 I had another milestone in my treatment The radiation on three nodules on my brain. As I tried to come to a comforting safe place as how to stay under the mask two to three hours I thought of a solution. I listen to Gospel music when I mow and do things I do not enjoy and am encouraged. So I did a playlist on my iPhone. As I went and checked in and sat in the waiting area I was welcomed by one of the tech and was told they would be ready for me in a moment. As I was called back I ask if today I could listen to a playlist of music while we were doing today’s procedure since it would be so long. They said yes just get where they could start it and they would get me set…

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