October 13 Fear = False Evidence Appearing Real

This line caught my mind and heart this morning: “In most all cases if we would only take off the mask and be real as to who we actually are our fears would be totally unfounded.”

My Journey Up The Mountain

Happy Friday the 13th!! Today was the second day of radiation and the second day of having to lay still while being restrained by the mask. There are two sessions lasting about 10 to fifteen minutes each but in the mask for the entire time. The radiation seems to have just a small effect of being out in the sun sort of a draining effect. No sickness feeling as of yet. I have begun to pray and worship during this time. The fear of how will I respond to being so closely confined was real. Yet when I concentrate on the prayers and thanking God for his love and grace the other things pass away.

the man in themask

Here is my thought for today. Relating to the mask as I lay there I can see two different views of how this can apply to us as a people going about our lives. So many times…

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One thought on “October 13 Fear = False Evidence Appearing Real

  1. Thank you for sharing your journey, and with such honesty and transparency. We need more testimonies shared shamelessly like this. Excited to see your journey, and excited that more and more Christians are looking past their nationalism, their denominationalism, and even their “church” institution to see The Church – the Kingdom as something so much larger than any one small sect or group.


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