Doctor Gleason Visit today 10-6-17

A very good friend and brother in Christ is writing this blog. He has stage 4 cancer in multiple locations, but his faith is amazing because he has the Living Hope. I invite you to follow along, as he puts it, we climb that mountain.

My Journey Up The Mountain

he came walking toward them on the sea

Today was the day to meet with my Radiation doctor whose name is Dr. Gleason He is a young and caring man Sherrie and I agreed that God had put him in our journey. The next plan is I go back Monday for another MRI of my Brain and Cervical spine. They want to get thinner more detailed slices of my Brain to pinpoint my treatment. Now Sherrie and I have agreed to be grateful for the small victories and this was one of them. You see I literally loathe the  MRI. Just picture Big man little bitty tunnel and I am all up in it. Can I say fat man squeeze? Well the victory was that I was going Monday for the Cervical MRI this meant another visit to that demon machine and I was already dreading that one. The victory is they will do both in the same…

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