How Depression Robs Us of Our True Identity

Here’s some great words from a fellow blogger on a serious subject.

21st Century Sojourner


Depression is a topic that I want to approach carefully.  Many people I know and care deeply about have and are dealing with depression.  There are many misconceptions about depression.  One of the biggest myths is that depression means you’re sad.

Truth: People may think depression is just a case of the blues, but its symptoms are wide-ranging and can manifest themselves physically. Common ones are feeling sad, empty, or hopelessness, feeling like you can’t get out of bed, completely losing your appetite, and sleeping too much or too little. “Another one is psychomotor agitation, which is feeling like you can’t sit still or psychomotor reduction, which is when it seems like you’re living in slow motion,” says Goldfine. Excessive fatigue and anhedonia, a.k.a when you no longer enjoy things you used to find pleasurable, also make the list.1

Depression feeds the mind with an identity entirely contrary to how…

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3 thoughts on “How Depression Robs Us of Our True Identity

  1. Maybe not sad, but sadness is not the cause. I do believe depression can be anger that is turned inward. At least it happens often. Research says that depressed people have no more ‘bad’ thoughts than anyone else. This makes sense to me. Overall, I do think chemistry plays a big factor in depression and that finally: it is hard to be depressed when one is running, swimming or engaged with other people. The secret when depressed is getting motivated to doing just that. So depressing.

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      1. The same was true for me. Once I became involved (because of the church) and once I became part of the lives of others, then I climbed out of my depressing world. It did require activity on my part and a willingness to stop ‘rejoicing in my sorrows.’ Once that was accomplished I was able to defeat depressions grip over me. It took some time, but I made it. Thanks for your comments.

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