Are Missional Communities a Threat to the Local Church?

How refreshing to see another pastor understand how God is calling us back to our true roots–community with God, fellow disciples, and in the neighborhoods! I encourage you to read all of Keith’s posts about Missional Communities…


2 thoughts on “Are Missional Communities a Threat to the Local Church?

  1. Great post.
    I live in a community that on one side is dominated by a mega-church but also has smaller churches. I think both serve a vital function in reaching the lost and serving the needs of the community.
    On a personal note after attending the big church for a number of years I grew tremendously in my walk with the Lord during that time) we began attending a smaller community church. I felt a need to be more involved in my local community and it has opened a lot of doors to serve in ways I could not in the big church.
    I will always be grateful for the discipleship and teaching at my former church and look forward to this next season in our walk with the Lord.
    I am honored that you would follow my blog. I pray you find encouragement there.
    Cliff Craig

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