“When Unity At All Costs Is Too Costly”


The link below is from a fellow pastor, mentor, leader and friend.  While his thoughts are directed towards and fitting for my fellow United Methodist Pastors, the principles Paul lays out will fit a variety of situations.  Sometimes we forget that when Jesus walked this creation as one He created, He was one of the most divisive personalities ever seen.  And if any of my readers are United Methodist, please take this blog as being hopeful–hopeful as we follow Jesus.

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4 thoughts on ““When Unity At All Costs Is Too Costly”

  1. Interesting distinction between peacemakers and peacekeepers. I’ve just come from a completely different discussion about war or rather “non war” and how some of our worst military escapades have been “peacekeeping” missions, policing actions in which congress did not formally declare war. We had no clear mission, no real goal, no way to measure if and when we actually “won,” and of course a tragic loss of life. The moral of the story being, if you’re there to keep peace, you haven’t really got peace to keep.

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