Everything you need to know in ten minutes

Here’s another “Wild” blog that inspires and challenges me. How would you, how DO YOU, share the story of Jesus with others? With legalism and its rules? If you have chosen the rules and rituals to tell the story of Jesus, haven’t you ever wondered why we in the good old U.S.A. are living in this Post-Christian Culture and why mainline, established tribes (i.e. denominations) are in decline? Come on folks, get your act together! Let’s change our core, our heart, from centuries of traditions back to what it should be: The Love Of God Perfectly Expressed In Jesus! And remember, love God with all your heart, love others the way HE loves you, and make sure all the glory goes to HIM!

In My Father's House

beach_birdsWhat if you only had ten minutes to show a group of people on a remote island everything they needed to know in order to grow into a vibrant Christian community, and you could only give them four Bible verses (they have no Bibles)? What would you share with them?  To keep it simple, we’ll assume these islanders have heard about Jesus and a few popular Bible stories.

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    1. Thank you for your reply. The reason I have been slow in replying is that I wanted to spend a season in prayer and reflection. Yes, I understand that for many it is about a fuzzy feeling without action. I just recently spend over 2 hours in a conversation with a “questioning” atheist. This person had the legalism shoved down their throat by a family member to the point that they had to believe a certain way (which is the absolute definition of legalism) or they were going to hell. This person’s parents had the same experience and they went to atheism, and so did this person. In that 2+ hours I listened and replied in terms that God loves them and that the relationship God longs for is one that is born out of love. I am convinced that the decline of the western church is that we have forgotten how to love. C.S. Lewis wrote in the book, The Screwtape Letters, that if they could get the man to believe in Jesus AND___________, then he would remain ineffective. We have to stop adding Jesus AND__________, go back to our beginnings, and start with God’s love first and foremost. Then this love begins to work itself out and we share the good news most of the time without even saying a word. Want to win our culture for Jesus? Begin with God’s perfect love. Blessing, Sister!


      1. Pastor Randy, I understand that we are to be loving. We preach and live the Gospel and love the Lord because He first loved us and out of our hearts flow living waters to others. But the Gospel has content and this must be spoken. Both you in your reply to me and Mel in one of his comments seem to believe we can communicate the Gospel without words. He quoted Francis of Assisi in this way. The Lord Jesus Christ preached everywhere He went.

        About Mel Wild’s post, he doesn’t seem to understand that even if we started again on a desert island we would see the same results: those who believe and live and those who reject Jesus. He seems to think that he has the key to success for the Gospel. Has Jesus failed?


        1. You are correct in that we would see the same results–those who believe/accept and those who don’t believe/reject. However, when I look across the world, the Gospel and Kingdom (thus the church) is seeing growth because the message they share is the primary message of God’s love. Yes, some reject such a message because it still comes down to our individual choice, also known as free will. And yes, Jesus preached and He also preached without words with His demeanor, attitude and actions. The growth of the first churches was the result of seeing words become actions. And thank you for sharing your heart.


            1. No Maria, you were not wrong to express your views and your faith. Until THAT day comes, Paul is right we each see through that glass darkly, imperfectly. I have this hunch that on THAT day when the perfect arrives forever, we all will find we were right some of the time, and wrong some of the time. I do appreciate honest dialogue and appreciate you and your comments.

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