What Would You Do If You Saw. . .

One day Moses was tending the flock of his father-in-law, Jethro, the priest of Midian. He led the flock far into the wilderness and came to Sinai, the mountain of God.  There the angel of the Lord…

Source: What Would You Do If You Saw. . .

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  1. Not sure how it compares to seeing a burning bush that isn’t consumed, but I often think of how my dad was homeless in Southern California back in the early 90’s and yet wound up living like a king in a townhouse just off the beach. That story certainly compares to a native bypassing a bush and then finally going back for another look.

    It turns out that when Dad left our home in Colorado when Mom divorced him, he went to stay with his sister in LA. Her house was cramped; she had 3 teenage boys. I think I heard that Dad actually slept on her bathroom floor for a few nights. It was family helping family, but the help was really desperate. Dad knew he had to find a change fast.

    Dad had been a counselor and a Vietnam Vet and a preacher in his former life leading up to that pained experience. When he got to LA, his budget was tight as a drum, but he hit the ground running looking for work AND being freshly divorced and all he joined a handful of counseling/support groups as well as church groups. He was busy as he could be licking wounds and trying to rebuild his life at the same time. Want ads in the morning, phone calls all day, walk the beach and pray in the evening and go to therapy groups where he shared his story.

    One of the groups was for vets. And there was a vet there (a big guy (my dad was a very large guy too)) who was moved to give Dad his card and said, “Call me when you need help… maybe a place to stay.” Dad did not know the guy. He was particularly sensitive to the fact that meeting strange men in SoCal might have strange connotations. He was extremely susceptible to con games or unwanted sexual advances. He took the card, placed it in his wallet, said thank you and went on.

    A few more days and nights of sleeping at my aunts place, he got a very low paying job, but could not afford SoCal rents. None of the church connections had turned out helpful. The desperation was getting intense. Dad could plainly see that he was putting my aunts family in distress, and that in another night or two he might really have to sleep in the park.

    So when he woke up to coffee and want ads the next morning, he prayed and asked God… If you gave me an answer that I overlooked somewhere, help me find it now. Then it hit him, he should call the guy who gave the card and see what he had to offer.

    This guy had a huge town house on Hermosa Beach, a German luxury car and a Harley in the garage. He was single, no kids. But he had a heart for vets. He asked Dad what he could afford. Dad said, I might be able to squeeze out $100 a week. The guy said, I have a spare room in the other end of the house. It has its own bathroom. We would share a kitchen and a front door, that was about all they would share. He told Dad, if you run into financial trouble and cant pay, lets talk about it… Otherwise $400 a month was good enough.

    Dad lived on Hermosa Beach as a homeless man for over a year. Survived the Northridge quake there. At some point the man even moved out and left Dad with the whole place to himself! He lived like a KING in God’s provision because he went back for another look at the impossibilities God was working out for him!

    That story has been a guiding light for me for years…



    1. X, I think it fits perfectly. Thanks for the sharing this Kingdom story. I pray someone else who needs it will read it! We never know where, when, how and who when it comes to the mysteries of how our Heavenly Father moves for us! Blessings my Brother!


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