2 thoughts on “More Resolutions? How About A Revolution?

  1. I only make one New Year’s resolution. I resolve in my mind not to make any New Year’s resolutions. Thus, I violate my New Year’s resolution even as I make it.

    Seriously, if something needs to be done, why wait? I have noticed that when I work out at the gym the crowd increases in January and dissipates in February. Sort of sad, but I guess it keeps the cost down for me.

    I have heard it said that God helped us to recognize our calling by creating us to love what He wants us to do. Yet before we will obey Him we must love Him. So I suppose we have to learn to return His love first. Therefore, I guess our first resolution should be to know Him, to study His Word, so we can love Him. Then we can know all else we should resolve to do.


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