Do You Pass The Peace Or Pass By The Peace?

Oh Lord, It's Monday!


Well, our Advent Journey is about to end and as with the ending of any journey there should be some reflection about our experiences.  What memories have been renewed?  What new things have you seen that you have never seen before?  Were there any lessons learned?  Would you do it again?  Or would you file it under, “I’ll never do that again!”?  Or are you like so many today in our culture, have you been unmoved, changed by the true meaning of this season of anticipation?

Yesterday was the Fourth and final Sunday of Advent and the fourth candle was lit, the Candle of Peace.  One of the things we do as the church in regular times of worship and during special times of worship such as Holy Communion, is this thing called “the passing of the peace.”  One worshiper shares the peace of Christ with another worshiper through a…

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