Disclaimer:  Some may not consider this a Kingdom issue, and I could agree with you.  But then we would both be wrong.

If any of my family and friends go “Black Friday” shopping on Thanksgiving Day know that I am disappointed in you. It means you are selfish and care more about a “sale” than people. It is disgusting to me that anyone would deprive another person of having Thanksgiving Day with family and friends. I feel more disgust towards those who go shopping than the corporations that open up on Thanksgiving Day. Make Thanksgiving Day the MOST UNPROFITABLE DAY of the year for retail businesses that are open on Thanksgiving Day by staying at home. If I’ve offended anyone with these remarks, I want to say to you, “Oh, well…..”




One thought on “#NoBlackFridaySalesOnThanksgivingDay

  1. Yes, amen to that! I’ve gone twice in my life and been rather convicted about it. This is just not right. For one we crowd together too many people and treat one another poorly and than we disrespect all those forced to work and serve us, and than our gratitude tends to revolve around what we can get rather than what we already have. All around it’s a lose-lose situation.

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